Record-Breaking 634 student-athletes named to Spring 2021 Pioneer Football League Academic Honor Roll

Monday, June 14, 2021
by Cody Bush, PFL Media Relations

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – For the second time in Pioneer Football League history, it named more than 600 student-athletes to its annual academic honor roll. The league recognized a record-breaking 634 student-athletes to the Spring 2021 PFL Academic Honor Roll.

A complete listing of all student-athletes named to the honor roll, listed alphabetically by member school, follows this release.

The 634 student-athletes recognized broke the previous record of 616 set during the Fall 2015 season. It also was the first time in league history the league’s membership averaged more than 60 student-athletes recognized among the league’s membership, with the 10 teams averaging 63.4 student-athletes recognized.

Five PFL members set individual records for student-athletes recognized: Drake University (78), Marist College (61), Morehead State University (59), the University of San Diego (58), and Stetson University (70). In addition, the University of Dayton led all league members with 81 student-athletes recognized, the third time in its history more than 80 student-athletes were recognized.

Pioneer Football League athletic director and coaches established the honor roll in 2001 as a way to recognize the league’s outstanding student-athletes. To date the league has recognized more than 8,300 student-athletes on the PFL Academic Honor Roll.

The PFL Academic Honor Roll consists of student-athletes who participated in football at member institutions during the semester of competition and posted a 3.0 grade-point average or higher during the semester while enrolled full-time in accordance with NCAA rules.

Devin Aguilar, R-Jr., Finance
Nathan Barnes, So., Exploratory Studies
Jack Belskis, Fr., Finance
Michael Benefield, So., Health Sciences
Connor Benson, So., Risk Management and Insurance
Jake Briskey, So., Biology
Sam Brown, R-Jr., Finance
Bryan Bystol, So., Middle/Secondary Education
Declan Callahan, Fr., Exploratory Studies
Patrick Coury, Fr., Exploratory Studies
Jackson Davis, Fr., Exploratory Studies
AJ Deinhart, R-So., Finance
Michael Dunn, R-So., Risk Management and Insurance
Artie Dutmers, So., Exploratory Studies
Sam Farber, So., Marketing
Yogi Flager, Fr., Biology
Nick Goldammer, Fr., Health Sciences
Carson Gulgin, So., Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Gabe Hicks, Fr., Exploratory Studies
Carter Highhouse, So., Exploratory Studies
Brad Huth, R-Sr., Peace and Conflict Studies
Gaven Johnson, R-Jr., Finance
Jeremy Johnson, R-Fr., Finance
Kye Johnson, Fr., Finance
Mickey Kane, R-Jr., Accounting
Owen Keane, Fr., Pre-Pharmacy
Colin Kelly, Fr., Exploratory Studies
Luke Kessinger, So., Economics
Lucas Kozlowski, Fr., Finance
Kody Leach, Fr., Organizational Communication and Leadership
Joe Marra, R-So., Sports Media
Mac Menard, R-So., Accounting
Johnny O'Shea, R-So., Marketing
Ben Packer, So., Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Nick Plaso, Fr., Marketing
Luka Popovic, Fr., Computer Science
Grant Purlee, R-Jr., Software Engineering
Brody Reder, Fr., Economics
Connor Reid, R-So., Exploratory Studies
Kayson Romaelle, Fr., Science, Technology, and Society
Colton Ruhland, R-So., Computer Science
Nate Rusk, R-So., Health Sciences
Kavon Samuels, Jr., Sports Media
Austin Schwantz, R-Jr., Accounting
Trevor Scott, R-Jr., Finance
Skyler Spetter, R-So., Finance
Andres Srsen, Fr., Finance
Grant Stegman, So., Middle/Secondary Education
Jared Suchevits, So., Sports Media
Joey Suchy, Fr., Astronomy and Astrophysics
Ben Treece, R-So., Accounting
Jack Turner, Fr., Criminology
Sam Urbanski, Fr., Exploratory Studies
Marcos Voulgaris, Fr., Marketing
JJ Wadas, Fr., Biology
Nate Walker, So., Sports Media
Michael Wellman, So., Finance
Mike Wymer, So., Exploratory Studies
Mitchell Zoloty, R-So., Political Science

Tristan Allen, Fr., Undeclared
Will Berkey, Sr., Chemistry
Cameo Blankenship, Fr., Undeclared
Jaylon Bolden, Sr., Computer Science
Caden Bonoffski, So., Undeclared
James Boyle, Sr., Economics
Andrew Brantley, Sr., Biology
Barclay Briggs, Fr., Undeclared
Elijah Burrell, Fr., Undeclared
Jordan Burrell, Fr., Undeclared
Tyler Chisholm, Sr., Economics
Louis Colosimo, R-Jr., Economics
Will Cox, Fr., Undeclared
Callen Davidson, Sr., Biology
Miles Davis, Jr., Biology
Alexander Donald, Fr., Computer Science
TJ Elliott, Sr., Sociology
James Gilreath, Fr., Undeclared
Collin Hairr, Sr., Psychology
Wyatt Hall, Jr., Political Science
Jonathan Hammond, Fr., Undeclared
Daniel Harrington, Fr., Undeclared
Dreylan Hines, Jr., Biology
Sean Holton, Sr., Psychology
Nick Horstkamp, Fr., Undeclared
Brian Jacobs, So., Undeclared
Jalen Jefferson, Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies
Collin Johnson, Fr., Undeclared
Gabe Jones, Fr., Undeclared
Clayton Kent, Sr., Economics
Tate Kipperman, Sr., Political Science
Mark McCurdy, Fr., Undeclared
Max Mead, Sr., Political Science
Trey Messer, Fr., Undeclared
Khalil Miller, Jr., Biology
Satchel Moore, Sr., Political Science
Jeremiah Morgan, Fr., Undeclared
Connor Norwood, So., Political Science
Bradyn Oakley, So., Psychology
Chibuike Odo, Jr., Psychology
Chris Panko, So., Mathematics
Jaden Pask, So., Political Science
Tyler Payne, So., Undeclared
Tyler Phelps, Sr., Economics
Jerrad Price, So., Biology
Evan Pritchard, Jr., Physics
Chris Quiroga, So., Undeclared
Lucas Raber, So., Economics
Josh Sepe, So., Political Science
David Sohn, Fr., Undeclared
Dylan Sparks, So., Computer Science
Jalen Staples, Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies
Jake Stylski, So., Political Science
Pat Tabor, Sr., Interdisciplinary Studies
Yusef Thomas, So., Psychology
Chris Turberville, So., Psychology
Bernard Turner Jr., So., Chemistry
Eli Turner Jr., Jr., Interdisciplinary Studies
Cade Vela, Jr., Economics
Jack Wiese, Fr., Undeclared
Coy Williams, Jr., Religious Studies
Steven Wolfe, Sr., Political Science

Nathan Arthur, Fr., Finance
Ricardo Avelar III, Fr., Psychology
Nick Bart, Sr., Business Economics / Entrepreneurship
Cade Beam, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Anthony Best, Sr., Civil Engineering
Luke Bernstein, Fr., Marketing
Kevin Bickett, Sr., Integrative Physiology
Kade Boucher, Fr., Discover Sciences
Austin Bradfish, Fr., Finance
Luke Brenner, Fr., Adolescence to Young Adult Education
Sam Broom, So., Finance
Joe Bubonics, Jr., Adolescence to Young Adult Education
Jake Chisholm, So., Pre-Medicine [Biology], [Chemistry], [Medicine and Society]
Jake Coleman, Fr., Business Economics
Jack Cook, Jr., Finance
Joe Craft, Fr., Civil Engineering
Logan Dalton, Fr., Finance [Business Analytics]
Dylan DeMaison, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Michael Denning, Fr., Business Economics [Spanish]
Nico DiGirolamo, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Brian Doneghy Jr., Fr., Sport Management [Business Administration]
Deuce Drennan, Fr., International Business Management
Michael Drobnick, So., Marketing [International Business Management]
Joe Durham, So., Computer Information Systems [Marketing]
Noah Dursik, Fr., Accounting
Grant Dyer, So., Management Information Systems [Business Intelligence]
Nick Dymek, Fr., Business Economics
Brandon Easterling, Jr., Management Information Systems [Cyber Security Management]
George Fanelli, Fr., Business Economics
Michael Franks, Fr., International Business Management [Human Resources Management]
Ryan French, Fr., Computer Engineering
Joe Gits, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Spencer Hawkins, Fr., Pre-Medicine
Kyle Hazell, Fr., Marketing
Mason Henry, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Cole Hildebrand, Fr., Business Economics
Alex Hirschfield, Fr., Business Economics [Pre-Law]
Andrew Holderer, Jr., Pre-Dentistry [Business Administration]
Nick Keyes, So., Finance [Business Analytics]
Jason Kohr, Fr., Finance
Jonny Krone, So., Electrical Engineering
Joe Lansing, Fr., Business Economics
Matt Lenti, Fr., Sport Management [Business Administration]
Jake Lyons, So., Sport Management [Business Administration]
Matthew Mangan, Fr., Business
Danny Meehan, So., Business Economics / Finance
Tyler Mintz, Fr., Business Economics / Entrepreneurship
Logan Moews, Sr., Pre-Medicine
Connor Muck, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Michael Neel, Fr., Business Economics [Business Analytics]
Austin Newland, Sr., Computer Science
Drew Nieman, Fr., Mechanical Engineering [Business Administration]
Nate Obringer, Sr., Finance / Entrepreneurship
T.J. O'Malley, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Chris Pepe, Fr., Business
George Proesel, Fr., Discover Arts
Troy Reisner, Fr., Pre-Medicine
Zach Rumpke, So., Marketing [Entrepreneurship]
Jacob Schachte, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
John Sciarretti, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Anthony Serventi, Fr., Marketing
Billy Skalitsky, So., Marketing
Elijah Smith, Fr., Business Economics
Owen Smith, So., Finance
Nick Smrt, Fr., Business Economics
Hayden Snyder, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Cam Specht, So., Marketing [Biology]
Mason Stauffer, So., Marketing [Entrepreneurship]
Brian Stevens, Fr., Exercise and Movement Science
Joey Swanson, Fr., Business
Will Tammaru, Fr., Finance
Logan Tate, So., Marketing [Management Information Systems]
David Tkatch, Fr., Finance
Ryan VanSchelven, Fr., Civil Engineering
Allen Waltz, Sr., Computer Engineering
Jackson Ward, Fr., Business Economics
Richie Warfield, Sr., Management Information Systems
Sam Webster, So., Finance / Accounting
Derek Willits, Fr., Biochemistry
Sam Winter, Fr., Finance
Braden Woods, Fr., Mechanical Engineering

Rhent Addis, Fr., Politics/International Relations [Chinese]
Jun Ahn, Fr., Business Studies
Parker Althaus, So., Data Analytics
Mark Bach, Sr., Marketing
John Bailey, Fr., Economics/Finance
Brady Bjorkman, Sr., Entrepreneurial Management-Marketing
Andrew Bramlett, Fr., Accounting/Economics
Triston Burkett, Fr., Finance/Entrepreneurial Management
Brenden Burton, So., Marketing/Business Major with Law 3+3
Nicholas Cagnetto, So., Finance [Japanese]
Carson Callaway, Fr., Business Studies
Declan Carr, Jr., Finance
Jason Christenson, Fr., Business Studies [Graphic Design]
Joseph Coit, So., Data Analytics
Sean Cooney, Fr., Data Analytics
Ian Corwin, So., Business Studies
Jakobe Davidson, Jr., Business Studies/Business Major with Law 3+3
Nathaniel De Bruin, So., Finance/Accounting
Jared Defriend, Sr., Biology
Zachary Drummond, So., Marketing/Business Major with Law 3+3
Shane Dunning, Fr., Business Studies
Jonathan Engle, Jr., Quantitative Economics/Mathematics [Spanish, Sociology]
Nolan Engmann, So., Kinesiology
Ryan Erickson, Jr., Computer Science/Data Analytics
Michael (Hudson) Fields, Fr., Law, Politics & Society
Joseph Frommelt, Fr., Undeclared/Business Studies
Benjamin Gerdes, Jr., Marketing [Management]
Grant Gossling, Sr., Marketing
Zackary Gray, So., Finance
Andrew Grout, So., Law, Politics & Society/Undeclared
Braeden Hartwig, Sr., Pharmacy
John Hill, Jr., Computer Science/Information Systems [Data Analytics]
Jake Hoper, Jr., Business Major with Law 3+3
Isaac House, Fr., Management & Org Leadership
Colin Howard, So., Management & Org Leadership
Linden Howe, So., Biochem-Molecular Biology
John Ierulli, So., Business Studies/Biology [Leadership Development]
Ryan Jackson, So., Undeclared
Ander Johnson, Jr., Finance
Andrew Kasten, Jr., Finance
Zachary Kincade, Jr., Finance/Biochem-Molecular Biology [Data Analytics]
Kieran Kohorst, Jr., Marketing
Bennet Krebs, Fr., Secondary Teacher Education/Business Studies
Andrew Kriceri, Sr., Accounting
William Kulick, Sr., Finance/Accounting
Joey Lukrich, So., Finance
Evan Maples, Fr., Biochem-Molecular Biology/Pre-Engineering
Michael Markett, So., Advertising
Jacob McCauley, Fr., Business Studies
Braeden McLaughlin, Jr., Marketing
Benjamin Millman, Fr., Data Analytics/Philosophy
Daniel Morales, Jr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Colin Mott, Jr., Law, Politics & Society
Harrison Murray, Sr., Finance
Timothy Nesslage, Fr., Law, Politics & Society
Benjamin Nienhuis, Sr., Biology
Eian O'Brien, Jr., Pharmacy
Ross Palmer, Fr., Actuarial Science/Data Analytics
Tanner Pollock, So., Business Studies
James Poremba, So., Biochem-Molecular Biology/Secondary Teacher Education [Biology]
Trey Radocha, Fr., Economics/Finance
Tyler Radocha, Fr., International Relations [Politics]
John Reilly, Fr., Business Studies/Economics
Cross Robinson, Sr., Psychology
Samuel Rodriguez, Fr., Secondary Teacher Education [Entrepreneurial Management]
Alexander Rogers, Sr., Computer Science/Data Analytics
Michael Rogers, Fr., Finance/Economics
Ethan Rohman, Fr., Computer Science/Mathematics
Jacob Shipla, Fr., Business Studies
Cian Smith, Fr., Law, Politics & Society
Andrew Stafford, So., Business Studies/Business Major with Law
Elijah Stewart, Fr., Entrepreneurial Management
Riley Theobald, Fr., Management & Org Leadership
Jacob Thompson, Fr., Kinesiology
Gage Vander Leest, So., Biochem-Molecular Biology
Jeremy Villalobos, Fr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied/Kinesiology
Jackson Williams, Fr., Economics [Spanish]
Ethan Zager, Fr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied

Paul Olivett, RSo., Communication: Journalism/Sports Comm
Maxwell Zart, Fr., Communication: Sports Comm
Jayden Johnson, RSo., Business Administration: International Business
Luke Strnad, RJr., Psychology/Child Education 1-6
Carson Badamo, RSo., Business Administration: Finance [Economics]
Glenmour Leonard-Osbourne, RSo., Communication: Advertising/Sports Comm [Business]
Brandon Lysick, Fr., Accounting [Economics/Data Science & Analytics]
John Hertzberg, Fr., Business Administration: Marketing
Benjamin Stoy, RJr., Business Administration: Finance [Criminal Justice]
Luke Gioffre, RJr., Business Administration: Marketing [Fashion Merchandising]
Andrew Chiurazzi, RSo., Business Administration: Finance
Halil Gecaj, RSo., Business Administration: Finance
Max Heinrich, RSo., Business Administration: Human Resources [Communication]
Christian Pritzlaff, RSo., Business Administration: Finance [Accounting]
Jacob Abill, Sr., Criminal Justice
Declan Smith, Fr., Business Administration: Undecided
Eric Stoeckel, Fr., Business Administration: Finance
Joseph Giordano, RJr., Communication: Public Relations
Drew Callahan, RSo., Criminal Justice
Kevin Burke, RJr., Communication: Public Relations
Kyle Coffindaffer, RFr., Communication: Public Relations/Sports Comm
Dominic Dutton, Fr., Athletic Training
Luke Hatch, RFr., Environmental Science
Michael Arrington, RSo., Communication: Advertising/Public Relations [Business]
Tristan Shannon, Fr., Games and Emerging Media [Interactive Media]
Christopher Watkins, Fr., Undecided
Salvatore Crescenzo, Fr., Criminal Justice
Kyle Fleitman, RJr., Business Administration: Marketing
Jack Hughes, Fr., Business Administration: Marketing [Communication]
Hunter Cobb, RSo., Psychology [Sports Communication]
Brendan Pacheco, RFr., Psychology/Child Education 1-6
Zaire Cooper, Fr., Psychology
Jared Mealy, Fr., Business Administration: Marketing [Political Science]
Casey Callahan, RJr., Biomedical Sciences
Nicolas Negron, Fr., Psychology
Teddy Wright, RJr., Criminal Justice [Psychology]
Dominic Donohue, So., Business Administration: Marketing
Jayson Colorado, Fr., Business Administration: Undecided
Chase Gardi, Fr., Business Administration: Marketing
Justin Iaccio, RFr., Applied Mathematics
Noah Carroll, RJr., Communication: Sports Comm [Business]
Miles Kauderer, Fr., Communication: Sports Comm
Arthur Pinckney, RSo., History
Derek Schrag, Fr., Criminal Justice
Paul Saurer, Fr., Business Administration: Entrepreneurship
Julian McGarvey, RSo., Criminal Justice [Sociology]
Wyatt McMahon, RJr., Business Administration: Marketing
Sean Gaffney, RJr., Business Administration: Finance
Dazhon Miller, RJr., Digital Media: Graphic Design [Computer Science]
Ethan Parrish, RSo., Math/Adolescence Education-Special Education
Camron Ball, Fr., Accounting [Biology]
Nicholas Foglia, RSo., Business Administration: Marketing
Mark Gordon, Sr., Communication: Public Relations
Brock Bagozzi, Fr., Undecided
Devin Thompson, Fr., Psychology
Ryan Fitzgerald, RJr., Business Administration: Marketing [Advertising]
Aaron Acosta, Sr. So., Business Administration: Marketing [Criminal Justice]
Brandon Weinberg, Fr., Psychology
Luke Pecovic, Fr., Cybersecurity
Isaiah Smith, So., Business Administration: Marketing [Sports Comm]
Benjamin Johnson, RSo., Business Administration: Finance [Environmental Studies]

BJ Byrd, Sr., Strategic Communications
DeVonte Adams, Sr., Exercise Science
Nate Adebayo, Fr., Art
Hunter Ahlfeld, Fr., Finance
Isaac Armstrong, Fr., Criminology
Sese Aumavae, Jr., Sport Management
Brandon Barbee, Jr., Finance
Cameron Barrett, Sr., Marketing
David Benoit, Fr., Convergent Media
Justin Benvie, Jr., Sport Management
Noah Benza, Fr., Undeclared
Carter Black, Fr., Accounting
Zach Bone, Fr., Exercise Science
Javian Browder, Fr., General Business
Kalen Carson, Sr., Wellness Promotion Masters
Harrison Cohen, Fr., General Management
Quinn Commans, Jr., Sport Management
Devon Connors, Jr., General Business
Grady Cramer, Fr., Exercise Science
Daniel Cristiani, Fr., Provisional Bachelors
Tavin Davis, Fr., General Management
Tanner Duncan, Jr., Legal Studies
Davier Fairrow, Fr., Exercise Science
Andrew Foster, Sr., Sport Management Masters
Griffin Fraley, Fr., Agriculture
Blake Friese, Jr., Criminology
Jelani-Ray Garvin, Sr., Criminology
Tanner Hamilton, Fr., Biomedical Sciences
Ian Holder, Jr., Strategic Communications
Jahleel Holmes, So., Biology
Andrew Johnson, Fr., Undeclared
Trenton Johnson, Jr., Theatre
Nick Lavender, So., Exercise Science
Jah'dell Lee Quay, Fr., Finance
Dalton Lewis, So., Mechanical Engineering
Eddie Loos, So., Sport Management
James Louis, Fr., Engineering Technology
Cameron Marriott, Jr., Political Science
Jihad McCall, Fr., Exercise Science
Brady McKnight, Fr., Agriculture
Charlie Meech, So., Sport Management
James Napolitano, Jr., University Studies
D.J. Niculescu, Sr., Exercise Science
Mark Pappas, Jr., General Management
Jacob Peters, Jr., Biomedical Sciences
Patrick Peterson, Fr., Sport Management
Tyler Rice, Fr., General Agriculture
Carter Rivenburg, So., Sport Management
Cody Russell, So., Sport Management
Derrion Sanders, Sr., Health Promotions
Corey Shaffer, Fr., Accounting
Kenneth Shaffner, Fr., General Business
Jaxsen Spears, Fr., Accounting
Earl Stoudemire, Sr., Adult & Higher Education Masters
Vaughn Taylor, Sr., Sport Management
Riley Thompson, Fr., General Business
Isaiah Tigler, Jr., Engineering Technology
Preston Toner, Fr., Exercise Science
Vincent Winey, Sr., English Education

Jalen Banks, RFr, Undeclared
Terrance Booker, Fr, Undeclared
Keith Boyd, So, History [Secondary Education]
Seth Butcher, Fr, Undeclared
Ryan Campbell, Fr, Undeclared
Trent Carrington, Sr, Business Administration, Management
Hayden Cherry, Fr, Biology
Reagan Cherry, Fr, Undeclared
Braxton Cox, Fr, Undeclared
Trey Davis, RFr, Undeclared
Sagee Eason, Fr, Chemistry
Luke Foster, RJr, Business Administration, Accounting [French]
Ethan Frisch, Fr, Undeclared
Keegan Halloran, RFr, Physics: Dual Degree
Cole Hooker, Fr, Undeclared
Tyler Huff, So, Business Administration, Data Analytics
Nyck Johnson, RSo, Biology
Jalen Jones, RFr, Computer Science
Jermaine Jones, RFr, Psychology
Harrison Kirkland, Fr, Undeclared
Andrew Krajec, Fr, Undeclared
Parker Maddrey, So, Undeclared
Michael Malinovsky, RJr, History [Political Science]
Hunter Mills, RFr, History [Spanish]
Jarrett Nagy, Jr, Physics [Mathematics]
Xavier Nance, RFr, Undeclared
Nnamdi Orjioke, Fr, Undeclared
Keith Pearson, Sr, Sociology
Noah Powell, Fr, Undeclared
Duncan Rivers, Jr, Business Administration, Accounting
Oladapo Salimonu, Fr, Undeclared
Sanford Satcher, RSo, Biology
Kevin Sentell, Fr, Undeclared
Kaleb Shaw, Fr, Undeclared
Joshua Sheppard, Fr, Undeclared
Christopher Smith, Fr, English [History]
Jalen Terrell, RSo, English, Communication Studies
Dylan Thibault, RFr, Business Administration, Accounting
Brandon Thompson, RJr, History [Political Science]
Hunter Tinsley, RFr, Psychology
Kiaran Turner, So, English, Communication Studies
Mickey Walker, Fr, Undeclared
John Warner, Fr, Undeclared
Joseph Whiteaker, RFr, Computer Science
Tanner Wilhelm, RJr, History [Secondary Education]
Tyler Wilhelm, Sr, Business Administration, Management
George Williams, RJr, Sociology
Katrevis Williams, Fr, Undeclared
Aaron Winn, RSo, History [Secondary Education]
Jaden Wright, Fr, Undeclared

Christopher Alvarado, RFr., Undeclared
David Ambagtsheer, RSo., English
Sam Attianese, Fr., Undeclared
Matt Bohamed, RSo., Biology
Christian Brown, RSo., Finance / Real Estate
Michael Carner, RSo., Finance  
Garrett Carney, Fr., Undeclared
Declan Carroll, RFr., Business Economics
Josh Cashiola, Fr., Undeclared
Landon Colvin, Fr., Undeclared
Chris Curtis, Fr., Undeclared
Joel Daul, RJr., Finance / Marketing
Cole Dias, Fr., Undeclared
Bennett Dondoyano, RJr., Finance / Marketing
Brandon Eickert, So., Electrical Engineering / Physics
Judd Erickson, Sr., Leadership Studies
Bryce Fledderman, RJr., Engineering
Michael Gadinis, RJr., Real Estate / Finance
Jimmy Ghilardi, Jr., Sociology
Devvin Gitchuway, RFr., Undeclared
Trevor Gonzales, Fr., Finance
Jonathan Greaves, Fr., Undeclared
Eric Haney, Fr., Undeclared
Isaac Haney, Jr., Psychology
Rhyle Hanson, RFr., Environmental & Ocean Studies
Michael Hawkins, Sr., Communication Studies
Jeffrey Jackson, RSo., Business Economics
Shane Jamison, RFr., Finance / Real Estate
Kama Kamaka, Sr., Accountancy
Trevor Kan, Fr., Undeclared
Muhindo Kapapa, RJr., Business Administration
Liam Kearney, Fr., Undeclared
Michael Keating, RSr., Business Administration
Matt Kilander, RFr., Real Estate 
Derek Kline, RSo., Finance
Luke Lacilento, Jr., Marketing
Leonard Leau, RSo., Mechanical Engineering
Finley Lecky, Fr., Undeclared
Carson Lewis, RFr., Accountancy
Aidan Mack, Fr., Undeclared
Maverick Martin, Fr., Undeclared
Emilio Martinez, Sr., Business Administration / Real Estate
Jalen McAlpin, Fr., Business Administration
Khepra Mims, Jr., Engineering
Mato Pacheco, RSr., Business Administration
Jagger Pagano, Fr., Undeclared
James Reed, RSo., Mechanical Engineering
Chris Reese, RJr., Electrical Engineering
Jacob Reithmeier, Fr., Communication Studies
Jacob Saewitz, Fr., Undeclared
Grant Sergent, RFr., Finance / Real Estate
Ronald Sharlou, Jr., Business Administration
Alex Spadone, Sr., Accountancy
Connor Strode, RJr., Finance / Real Estate
Daniel Thomas, RFr., Supply Chain Management
Dana White, Fr., Undecred
DJ Wright, RJr., Business Administration
Hunter Wright, Fr., Undeclared

Frantz Alteus, So., Business Administration
Christopher Barney, So., Business Administration
Connor Becker, Fr., Business Administration
Kyle Benedict, Fr., Finance
Jack Benzija, Fr., Business Administration
Benjamin Blair, Fr., Business Administration
Bensley Bornelus, Jr. Health Sciences
Jacarri Braddy, Fr., Political Science
Khadafi Bristol, Fr., Accounting
James Brown, Jr. International Business
Jamison Brundidge, Fr., Health Sciences
Kevin Butler, Fr., Marketing
Michael Carley, Fr., Health Sciences
Dominic Carlucci, Fr., Marketing
Matthew Clements, Fr., Finance
Tallin Coates, Fr., Health Sciences
Trynyty Conway, Fr., Marketing
Nathaniel Cureton, Jr. Master of Business Admin
Joshua Davis, Fr., Business Systems Analysis
Joseph DeFranco, 5th yr, Master of Business Admin
Anthony Einhorn, Fr., Finance
Cameron Gillis, So., Economics
Steven Godwin, So., Health Sciences
Jordan Halfinds, 5thYr., Master of Business Admin
Jules Hall, Fr., Communication & Media Studies
Maxwell Hazard, Fr., Finance
Richard Haynie, Fr., Business Administration
Vance Hendryx, Fr., Psychology
Grant Hidalgo, Fr., Business Administration
Jonathan Hoback, Fr., Digital Arts
William Hodor, Fr., Biology
Cody Hopkins, Fr., Finance
Joshua Huges, Fr., Computer Science
Ethan Hull, Fr., Accounting
Kevin Izquierdo, Fr., Health Sciences
Chad Jenkins, Fr., Business Administration
William Jolley, Jr. Marketing
Justin Jordan, Fr., Marketing
Quinton Lane, So., Business Administration
Brady Lawrence, So., Finance
Noah Ledingham, Fr., Finance
Connor Lenczden, Fr., Discovery
Tyler Lewis, Jr. Discovery
Jeffrey Lu, Fr., Master of Business Admin
Michael Maldonado, Jr. Entrepreneurship
Jalen Mason, Fr., Psychology
Adam Masterson, Fr., Finance
Nicolas Mejia, Fr., Biochemistry
Joseph Mitchell, Jr. Psychology
Gregory Moore, 5th yr, Business System Analytics
Jeremiah Nails, Fr., Master of Business Admin
Aleksandar Nikolich, Fr., Health Sciences
John Pascale, Fr., Health Sciences
Trent Phillips, Jr. Management
Alexander Piccirilli, 5th yr, Finance
Nicholas Plunkett, Jr. Professional Sales
Fermon Reid, Fr., Finance
Brady Rhodes, Fr., Computer Science
James Rhodes, Jr. Accounting
Bryson Richards, So., Business Administration
Justin Roberson, Fr., Sport Business
Noah Roberson, Fr., Finance
Shamar Rush, Fr., Digital Arts
Sean Ryker, Fr., Business Administration
Avery Samuels, Fr., Psychology
Tyrique Scott, So., Digital Arts
Hayden Smith, Fr., Health Sciences
Robert Staples, Fr., Political Science
Alexander Villas, Fr., Management
Michael Wojciechowski, Jr. Finance

Preston Ruud, Fr., Civil Engineering
Joe Monahan, Fr., Sport Management
Chase Folkestad, Fr., Computer Engineering
Alex Carrillo, Fr., Business
Evan Satoski, Fr., Civil Engineering [Mathematics]
David Hebda, Jr., Healthcare Leadership
Connor Milks, Fr., Business
Jeremiah Orr, Fr., Supply Chain Management [Business Analytics]
Cam Livingston, Fr., Business
Keith Szczepanski, Fr., Political Science
Trey Stablein, Jr., Interdisciplinary Business with Engineering
Dominic Backes, Fr., Psychology
Deuce Larose, Sr., Biology [Psychology]
Jaxon Peifer, Jr., Nursing
Anthony Sciarroni, So., Exercise Science [Human Biology]
Henry Hebda, Sr., Healthcare Leadership
Daniel Heinrich, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Liam O'Connell, So., Finance [Business Analytics / Supply Chain Management]
Mitchell Knotek, Fr., Finance [Entrepreneurship]
Alex Conlin, Fr., Business
Danny Files, Fr., Sport Management [Business Administration]
Trey Psota, So., Finance [Business Analytics / Supply Chain Management]
Jon Stone, Fr., Finance
Garner Jones, Fr., Marketing
Nathan Orlandini, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Tommy Palmer, Fr., Finance / Economics
George Trojanek, Fr., Business
Carter Woody, Fr., Sport Management [Business Administration]
Nolan Garrard, Fr., Finance [Sport Management]
Holden Hodge, Sr., Sport Administration
Doug Haugh, Sr., Sport Administration
Ben Nimz, So., Finance [Business Analytics / Supply Chain Management]
Matt Ross, Fr., Art
Trent Miller, Fr., Mechanical Engineering [Computer Science]
Carter Puckett, Jr., Marketing [Business Analytics]
Josh Gholston, Fr., Marketing
Gabe Lawson, Fr., Supply Chain Management
Tyler Eberhart, Fr., Mechanical Engineering [Mathematics]
DJ Hutcherson, Jr., Finance
Ollie Reese, Jr., Marketing
James Doerer, Fr., Communication
Jake Marinelli, So., Accounting / Finance
Brett Bittner, Jr., Mechanical Engineering [Business Administration / Mathematics
Kohlton Sherman, Jr., Management
Austin Martins, Jr., Sport Administration
Aaron Byrd, So., Biomechanical Engineering [Business Administration]
Cade Bishop, Jr., Actuarial Science
Gavin Twigg, Sr., Accounting / Finance
Sam Hafner, Fr., Biology [Chemistry]
Evan Annis, Fr., Biomechanical Engineering
Drew Parrish, Fr., Electrical Engineering
David Drs, So., Mechanical Engineering
Henry Helgeson, Fr., Biology / Chemistry
Kurt Kessen, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Ben Niesner, Sr., Sport Administration
Tytus Ragle, Fr., Biology / Chemistry