Pioneer Football League names 585 student-athletes to 2017 Academic Honor Roll

Monday, February 19, 2018
by Cody Bush, PFL Media Relations

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Pioneer Football League has recognized 585 student-athletes from its 11 member institutions to the Fall 2017 PFL Academic Honor Roll.

A complete listing of all student-athletes named to the honor roll, listed alphabetically by member school, follows this release.

The PFL saw more than 550 student-athletes recognized on its honor roll for a fifth consecutive year. The University of Dayton (71), Drake University (66) and Butler University (62) each placed more than 60 student-athletes on the honor roll.  In addition, Marist College (54) and Jacksonville University (54) and Valparaiso University (52) each placed a record number of student-athletes on the league’s honor roll.

Pioneer Football League athletic director and coaches established the honor roll as a way to recognize the league’s outstanding student-athletes. The academic honor roll consists of student-athletes who participated in football at member institutions during the fall semester and posted a 3.0 grade-point average or higher during the semester while enrolled full-time in accordance with NCAA rules.

Pioneer Football League Fall 2017 Academic Honor Roll


Connor Andras, Sr., Middle/Secondary Education
Jacob Balder, Sr., Graduate: Business
Thomas Baldwin, Jr., Biochemistry
Daniel Banks, Sr., Middle/Secondary Education
Dylan Banks, Sr., Middle/Secondary Education
Andrew Bevelhimer, So., Computer Science
ChiR-Boudoures, Sr., Finance
Benjamin Brodwicz, Fr., Undeclared
Samuel Brown, Fr., Undeclared
Michael Cerone, Jr., Finance
McCord Collier, Sr., Finance
Daniel DelGrosso, So., Finance
Andrew Dingman, Fr., Undeclared
Jack Disser, So., Accounting
John Epley, Fr., Undeclared
Ryan Gallagher, So., Marketing
Evan Giebel, Jr., Human Communication and Organizational Leadership
Kevin Gilbert, So., Biology
Matthew Hawkins, Jr., Marketing
Bradley Huth, Fr., Accounting
Robert Jensen, Jr. , Economics
Gaven Johnson, Fr., Undeclared
Michael Kane, Fr., Undeclared
Thomas Kennedy, So., Strategic Communication
Austin Lewis, Fr., Marketing
Joseph Lindstrom II, Fr., Exploratory Business
Brian Macuga, Fr., Undeclared
Nicholas Mahalak, So., Finance
James Marbaugh, So., Finance
Justin Markus, So., Marketing
Will Marty, Jr., Marketing
John McArthur, So., Exploratory Business
Gabriel Montgomery, Fr., Undeclared
Patrick Mosby, Jr., Middle/Secondary Education
Isaak Newhouse, Sr., Accounting
Zachary Oles, Fr., Undeclared
Eric Perry, Fr., Political Science
Alexander Peterson, Jr., Finance
Grantland Purlee, Fr., Undeclared
Carter Raleigh, Jr., Finance
Dalton Rogers, Jr., Accounting
Austin Schwantz, Fr., Undeclared
Trevor Scott, Fr., Undeclared
Holden Semancik, Fr., Undeclared
Luke Sennett, So., Finance
Ryan Smith, So., Chemistry
Dakota Sneed, Jr., Science, Technology and Society
Beau Snuggs, Fr., Undeclared
Nicholas Stroia, Fr., Finance
Bradley Sznajder, So., Finance
Matthew Tille, So., Biology
Augustus Tonucci, Fr., Undeclared
John Turley, Fr., Mathematics
Ugo Udeogu, Jr., Computer Science
Albert VanFossen, Fr., Exploratory Business
Timothy Vestuto, So., Actuarial Science
John Wayland, Fr., Marketing
Joshua Willis, Sr., Political Science
Eric Wright, Fr., Undeclared
Sam Yeaton, So., Finance
Ryan Young, So., Accounting
Joseph Zuccari III, Fr., Undeclared


Mason Adams, Fr., Homeland Security
James Blackman, R-Sr., Trust and Wealth Management
Aaron Blockmon, R-Jr., Exercise and Sport Science
Ryan Brooker, Fr., Business Administration
Mitchell Brown, Sr., Biology Pre Medicine
Isaiah Burch, Fr., Exercise and Sport Science
Lance Cook, Fr., Trust and Wealth Management/ Pre Law
Khalil Dixon, R-So., Mass Communications
Aaron Dobbins, R-Fr., Biochemistry
Adrian Dorsey, R-Jr., Mass Communications
Triston Frye, R-Jr., Trust and Wealth Management
Colin Gary, R-So., Trust and Wealth Management
Zach Hall, Fr., Information Technology Security
Thomas Hartshorn, R-Jr., Business Administration
Tyrek Haywood, Fr., Trust and Wealth Management
Deontae Henderson, R-So., Biology in Pre-Dental Studies
Dorian Jones, Fr., Trust and Wealth Management
Joshua Jones, R-So., Sport Management
Geoffrey Leins, R-Jr., Sport Management
Shuler Littleton, R-Jr., Economics
Matthew Melvin, Fr., Mass Communications
Scott Miller, R-Sr., Interdisciplinary Studies  
Jamah Mitchell, R-Fr., Undecided
Trevin Muse, Fr., Criminal Justice
Prince Ngwenah, Fr., Business Administration
Ethan Pierson, R-Jr., Kinesiology Physical Therapy
Austin Pluckhorn, R-Fr., Criminal Justice
Matt Price, R-So., Exercise and Sport Science
Keegan Ruark, Fr., Homeland Security
Jack Ryan, R-Jr., Trust and Wealth Management
Trevor Sheets, R-Jr., Trust and Wealth Management 4+1
Tyler Shirley, R-Sr., Master in Business
Darion Slade, So., Mass Communications
Daniel Smith, R-Fr., Trust and Wealth Management/ Pre Law
Demitrius Spury, R-Fr., Graphic Design
Greg Streater, Fr., Business Administration
Brian Stryffeler, R-Sr., Exercise and Sport Science
Campbell Tarpey, R-Fr., Trust and Wealth Management/ Pre Law
Keshawn Thompson, Fr., Business Administration
Sam Thorne, Fr., Political Science/ Pre Law
Chris Webb, R-So., Trust and Wealth Management
Zane Weekman, R-Jr., History with Teacher Licensure
Eric Westbrook, R-Jr., Trust and Wealth Management
Jeremiah White, R-Fr., Exercise and Sport Science
Levi Wiggins , R-Fr., Trust and Wealth Management
Michael Wooten, R-So., Kinesiology Physical Therapy


Brandon Becar, Fr., Undeclared
Will Berkey, Fr., Undeclared
Brian Bourgeious, So., Undeclared
James Boyle, Fr., Undeclared
Aaron Braswell, Jr., Psychology
Keylan Brown, So., Undeclared
Nate Campbell, Jr., Anthropology
Cole Cheek, SO., Undeclared
Tyler Chisholm, Fr., Undeclared
Allen Clay, Jr., Hispanic Studies
Jordan Conn, So., Undeclared
Callen Davidson, Fr., Undeclared
Alex Dawes, Jr., Biology
Nick Dillon, Fr., Undeclared
Wesley Dugger, Fr., Undeclared
Vince Durham, So., Undeclared
Duncan Engelhardt, Fr., Undeclared
Collin Hairr, Fr., Undeclared
George Hatalowich, So., Undeclared
Zach Idris, Fr., Undeclared
Derek Jones, Sr., Economics
Boo Jordan, Jr., Political Science
Tate Kipperman, Fr., Undeclared
Cody Kirkbride, Fr., Undeclared
Hunter Louthan, So., Undeclared
Michael Matthews, Jr., Biology
Stockton McGuire, So., Undeclared
Taylor Mitchell, Sr., Economics
Charles Morris, Jr., Political Science
Conrad Mueller, Sr., Economics
NyJay Nelson, Fr., Undeclared
Nick Pearson, Jr., English
Tyler Phelps, Fr., Undeclared
Connor Richey, So., Undeclared
Ryan Samuels, Sr., Sociology
Jaris Scott, Sr., Sociology
Kahleel Shaw, Jr., Sociology
Jonathan Sheperd-Smith, Sr., Athropology
Brendan Simpkins, Sr., Economics
Brayden Sims, Sr., Psychology
Trevor Smith, Sr., Biology
Steven Spears, Sr., Sociology
Langston Stephens, Fr., Undeclared
Kevin Stipe, So., Undeclared
James Story, So., Undeclared
Pat Tabor, Fr., Undeclared
Austin Wells, Sr., Political Science


Luke Anthony, Fr., Finance
Jason Balogh, R-So., Marketing
Nick Bart, Fr., Business Economics
Anthony Best, Fr., Engineering
Kevin Bickett , Fr., Business Economics
Matthew Brandeis, R-Jr., Marketing
Joe Bubonics, Fr., Business Economics
Jake Buerkle, Fr., Business Economics
Kyle Butz, R-Fr., Sport Management
Paddy Byrne, Fr., Engineering
Matt Clifford, R-Fr., Political Science
Sam Costantino, R-Fr., Business Economics
Jack Crain, R-Sr., Accounting
David Di Silvestro, R-So., Mechanical Engineering
Matt Durkin, R-Fr., Marketing
Brandon Easterling, Fr., Discover Arts
Luke Edwards, R-So., Pre-Med
James Ellis, Fr., International Business Management
Jack Euritt, R-Sr., Marketing
Steven Fleming, Fr., Exercise Science
Joe Gannon, Fr., Finance
Ben Gauthier, Jr., Integrated Social Studies Education
Parker Getz, Fr., Business Economics
Brian Gillen, R-Fr., Business
Ryan Harkleroad, R-Fr., Finance
Markus Hurd, R-Fr., Finance
Zack Jablonski, R-Fr., Entrepreneurship
Alex Jeske, Sr., Finance
Erik Jones, Fr., Business
Alex Kenner, Sr., Marketing
Clayton Langdon, Fr., Biology
Shane Lefever, R-So., Accounting
David Leisring, Jr., Finance
Andrew Lordo, Fr., Business Economics
Gus Madden, R-Sr., Civil Engineering
Reagan Malas, R-So., Business Economics
Kevin Maloney, Sr., Middle Childhood Education
Nate Marotta, Sr., [Operations & Supply Mgmt, Mgmt Information Systems]
Drew Melaragno, R-Fr., Psychology
Logan Moews, Fr., Biology
Jake Moore, Fr., Business
Michael Newbold, R-Fr., Biochemistry
Michael Niese, R-Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Griffin O'Gara, R-Sr., Business Economics
Nate Obringer, Fr., Business
Christopher Papalia, Jr., Finance
Sean Prophit, R-Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Tim Roell, R-So., Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Rothstein, R-Fr., Business
Mike Ruffolo, Sr., Finance
Patrick Sandler, Fr., Accounting
Teddy Schmid, Fr., Business Economics
Dom Sciaretti , R-Fr., Accounting
Christian Searles, Sr., Sport Management
Michael Sernus, Sr., Economics
Isaac Sexton, R-So., Chemical Engineering
Tim Simon, R-Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Skibinski, So., Finance
Dante Stefanini, R-So., [Entrepreneurship, Finance]
Adam Stull, R-So., [Entrepreneurship, Marketing]
Nick Surges, Sr., Finance
Adam Trautman, R-So., Electrical Engineering
Alec Trautman, Fr., Business
Matt Tunnacliffe, Sr., [Entrepreneurship, Finance]
Jay Vallie, R-Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Devin Vann, R-Fr., Sport Management
Allen Waltz, Fr., Engineering
Richie Warfield, Fr., Business
Calvin Whitaker, Fr., Discover Arts
Drake Yinger, R-Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Tucker Yinger, Sr., Mechanical Engineering


Matthew Aceto, Fr., Chemistry
Qazim Asani, 5TH, Information Systems and Marketing
Alec Austin, Fr., Physics
Mark Bach, Fr., Kinesiology
Jacob Bacon, So., Actuarial Science
Jack Borvan, So., Pre-Athletic Training
Alexander Bray, So., Finance and Economics
Brandon Bullock, Sr., Finance/Marketing
Devin Cates, Jr., Psychology [Leadership Development]
John Christiano, Jr., Accounting/Finance
Alexander Ciszewski, Jr., Management/Marketing
John Clark, So., Biology
Jacob Clay, So., Business Studies
Nathan Clayberg, Sr., Accounting/Finance and Masters-Business Admin
Zachary DeLeon, Sr., Accounting/Finance
Austin Dismond, Sr., Marketing
Steven Doran, Jr., Astronomy and Physics
Brady Eckert, Jr., Physics and Astronomy [Mathematics]
Christopher Evans, So., Psychology and Computer Science
Tanner Evans, 5TH, Finance and Politics
Keegan Gallery, 5TH, International Business/Marketing
Grant Gossling, Fr., Marketing
Jacob Hardy, So., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Joseph Harkins, Fr., Kinesiology
Braeden Hartwig, Fr., Pre-Pharmacy
Samuel Hefner, Jr., Marketing
Victor Jergens, So., Finance
Isaiah Kent-Schneider, Jr., Environmental Science and Secondary Teacher Education
Andrew Kriceri, Fr., Open Program - Business
Seth Krueger, So., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
William Kulick, Fr., Economics and Business Major with Law 3+3
Noah Larson, Fr., Actuarial Science
Ryan Lemke, 5TH, Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Jordan Lewinsky, Sr., Management
Jacob Lewis, So., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied [Leadership Development]
Michael Maize, 5TH, Elementary Teacher Education
Ian Malaby, So., Kinesiology and Biology
Mackenzie Marrin, 5TH, Law, Politics & Society [Rhetoric Media & Social Change]
Benjamin Mawdsley, So., Biology and Anthropology/Sociology
Mitchell McFarlane, So., Accounting/Finance
Jorin McGuire, Fr., Pre-Pharmacy
Nicholas Mertes, Sr., Entrepreneurial Management and Sociology
Erin Morgan, Jr., Digital Media Production
Taylor Murph, So., Management
Jacob Mury, Jr., Finance [Biology]
Cole Neary, Sr., Biology [Leadership Development]
Kyrell Newell, 5TH, Accounting/Finance
Benjamin Nienhuis, Fr., Biology
Connor Ostrander, Sr., Accounting and Finance
Seth Pallissard, 5TH, Information Systems and Marketing
Thomas Pugh, So., Economics/Finance
William Purdom, So., Marketing
Peter Read, Sr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Brock Reichardt, Sr., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology [Biology]
Parker Reynolds, Fr., Business Studies
Alexander Rogers, Fr., Computer Science
Zachary Rujawitz, Jr., Marketing
Terry Saul III, Fr., Finance
Charlie Schulte, So., Finance/Marketing
Kieran Severa, Sr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Collin Seymour, So., Kinesiology
Grant Snow, Sr., Finance
Tyler Terveer, Sr., Accounting/Marketing
Tyler Updegraff, Sr., Marketing [Graphic Design]
Terry Wallen , Sr., Finance and Marketing
Payson Wick, 5TH, Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing


Jamal Adjamah, R-Jr., Kinesiology
Ian Ainsworth, Sr., Aviation Management & Flight Operations
Javier Arce-Ramirez, R-So., Business Administration
Hunter Astle, Fr., Business Administration
Mitchell Bailey, So., Pre-Business
Wade Benton, R-So., Mathematics
Joey Bernardini, R-Fr., Finance
Jake Brito, Sr., Communications
Ryan Buffa, Fr., Business Administration
Brian Burnett, Sr., Communications
Earnest Carter, Fr., Kinesiology
Aaron Chichester, Fr., Political Science
Johnny Cooper, Fr., Kinesiology
Dane Cordell, R-Fr., Business Administration
AJ Davis, Fr., Engineering - Dual Degree
Jake Dempsey, Jr., Elementary Education
Tyler Dix, Fr., Pre-Nursing
Nic Duch, R-Jr., Finance
Jordan Edmonds, Fr., Kinesiology
Charles Fordham, Fr., Pre-Business
Griffin Garland, Sr., Business Administration
Ian Hall, R-Fr., Economics
Jared Hamilton, R-Fr., Kinesiology
Tyler Havenner, Sr., Sociology
Jake Howell, So., Undeclared
Zach Hughes, So., Cybersecurity
Josh Jemison, So., Pre-Business
Chris Jones, R-Sr., Business Administration
CJ Lewis, So., Economics
Jalen Mason, Fr., Physics
Anthony Medlock, So., Mechanical Engineering
William Montgomery, R-So., Mechanical Engineering
Jared Morris, So., Kinesiology
Zachary Parrish, So., Kinesiology
Drezyn Parson, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Carson Pearlman, So., Physics
Michael Perera, R-So., Finance
Akem JN Pierre, Fr., Pre-Business
Pernel Rattray, Sr., Kinesiology
Irvin Riley, So., Kinesiology
Jackson Ritterhoff, R-Sr., Social Sciences
Harrison Rodormer, Sr., Management
Larenz Scroggins, Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Keenan Simpson, So., Information Systems
Emon Smith, Sr., Aviation Management
Daniel Thompson, Fr., Kinesiology
Chris Tremblay, So., Engineering - Dual Degree
Dakota Trice, Fr., Undeclared
Trevor Tufano, So., Undeclared
Caysaun Wakeley, So., Pre-Business
Rylan Wells, R-Sr., Management
Mike Williams, R-Sr., Sport Management
RaQuan Wyatt, So., Mechanical Engineering
Austin Yeloushan, Jr., Marketing


Chris Apicella, Sr., Business Administration/Economics
Christopher Arnold, So., Communication
Wesley Beans, Jr., Psychology
Bryan Bradshaw, Jr., Criminal Justice [American Studies]
Connor Breit, Fr., Business Administration
Casey Callahan, Fr., Biomedical Sciences
Chris Carolei, Fr., Business Administration
Maliek Carr, So., Business Administration [Accounting]
Noah Carroll, Fr., Liberal Arts Undecided
Maximilian Cepeda, Jr., Communication
Juston Christian, Jr., Communication [Interactive Media]
Peter Delatour, So., Business Administration
Lawrence Dickens, Sr., Business Administration
Grant Dixon, Fr., Business Administration/Economics
Kevin Doran, Fr., Business Administration [Economics]
Brian Doxsey, Jr., Biology
Kyle Fleitman, Fr., Liberal Arts Undecided
Joe Fraccaroli, Jr., Business Administration [Communication]
Sean Gaffney, Fr., Business Administration
Tyler Gagnon, Sr., Business Administration
Jordan Garofalo, Jr., Business Administration
Joe Giglio, Jr., Business Administration [Communication]
Luke Gioffre, Fr., Business Administration
Joe Giordano, Fr., Communication
Thomas Giordano, Fr., Communication
Ian Grant, Fr., Business Administration [Communication]
Jack Griffith, Fr., Communication
Jacob Hallenbeck, Fr., Liberal Arts Undecided
Kyle Hamrick, So., Communication
Antonio Hroncich, So., Business Administration [Communication]
Maxx Imsho, Fr., Liberal Arts Undecided
Colten Katcher, Fr., Liberal Arts Undecided
Andrew McElroy, So., Business Administration [Criminal Justice/Cybersecurity]
Quinn McGinley, Sr., Psychology
Nick Mecca, Sr., Criminal Justice
Dazhon Miller, Fr., Digital Media
Colin Moran, Fr., Business Administration
Corey Mullaly, Fr., Liberal Arts Undecided
Joe Petro, So., Business Administration [Fashion Merchandising]
Jerry Prutos, Fr., Psychology
Anthony Purge, Fr., Communication
John Roscigno, Fr., Business Administration [Computer Science]
Mike Sanchez, So., Communication
Justice Seales, Fr., Criminal Justice
David Shannon, Fr., Business Administration
Darryl Sullivan, Fr., Liberal Arts Undecided
Jake Taparausky, So., Business Administration
Seth Thompson, So., Biomedical Sciences [Psychology]
Matt Thomson, Fr., Political Science
Jamal Valentin, Fr., Business Administration
Isaiah Watson, So., Business Administration [Communication]
Mike White, Jr., Communication
Justice Witowski, Fr., Communication
Delvin Wood, Fr., Business Administration


Wade Acey, Fr., Agriculture
Devonte Adams, Fr., Undeclared
Cameron Barrett, Fr., Business
Jacob Biller, Sr., Business
Bradley Boone, So., Health and Physical Education
Kordell Brown, So., Finance
Dallas Bruton, So., Sport Management
Jamil Butler, Jr., Sport Management
Kalen Carson, Fr., Exercise Science
Jed Clay, So., Accounting
Kaleb Cook, Fr., Engineering Technology
Luke Croucher, Fr., Finance
Willie Currie, Sr., Wellness Promotion
Michael Davis, Fr., University Studies
Eldee Edwards III, Fr., Accounting
Joby Embrey, Sr., Sport Management
Kyle Goss, Fr., Finance
Zach Hardin, Fr., Business
Braden Hicks, Jr., Finance
Jarin Higginbotham, Jr., Exercise Science
Logan Holbrook, Fr., Health and Physical Education
Starr Hutcherson, Fr., Veterinary Science
Ethan Jeffers, Jr., Design & Manufacturing Engineering Technology
Trent Johnson, Fr., Theatre
Garrett Lawrence, Fr., Social Work
Sam McDonough, Fr., Undeclared
Caleb Montgomery, Fr., Accounting
Jacob Moss, Fr., Exercise Science
Chrinovic Mukulu, Fr., Undeclared
Lawson Page, Jr., Management
Mark Pappas, Fr., Management
Jacob Peters, Fr., Business Management Systems
Josh Poe, So., Social Studies
Tyler Reese, Fr., Exercise Science
Patrick Rice, Jr., Criminal Justice
Malik Richards, Fr., Undeclared
Christian Robinson, Sr., Exercise Science
Nathan Sames, Jr., Design & Manufacturing Engineering Technology


Brant Berglund, R-Sr., Finance
Kyle Bilchik, Fr., Undeclared
Nolan Bisogno, So., Engineering
Jordan Charles, So., Undeclared
Jake Cirame, Fr., Undeclared
Ray Clark, Sr., Business Administration
Daniel Cooney, R-Jr., Finance
Joel Daul, Fr., Undeclared
Bennett Dondoyano, Fr., Undeclared
Zeke Downs, Fr., Undeclared
Brian Doyle, R-FS, Undeclared
Alex Farina, R-Fr., Undeclared
Jack Flatau, R-Sr., Communication Studies
Bryce Fledderman, Fr., Undeclared
Nick Friedel, R-Fr., Undeclared
Michael Georgino, Fr., Undeclared
Colton Giorgi, Sr., Behavioral Neuroscience
Kevin Glajchen, So., Undeclared
Cooper Hagmaier, Fr., Undeclared
Rhet Harris, Fr., Undeclared
Tim Hemmersmeier, So., Finance
Zack Holland, Sr., Finance
Joe Hurney, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Kama Kamaka, Fr., Undeclared
Ricky Laureano, R-Jr., History
Aaron Laut, R-Jr., Business Administration
Anthony Lawrence, R-Jr., Accountancy
Nate Loya, R-Jr., Business Administration
Kim Mahoney, R-Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Emilio Martinez, Fr., Undeclared
Miles McArdle, Sr., Business Administration
Brandon Micale, Fr., Undeclared
Jack Michael, R-So., Accountancy
Jake Michaels, R-So., Biology
Max Michaels, R-Sr., Accountancy
Patrick Murray, Sr., Accountancy
Shey Newton, So., Undeclared
Kishan Patel, R-Sr., International Business
Kyle Pawuk, R-So., Business Administration
Jonathan Petersen, R-Sr., Accountancy
Justin Priest, Sr., Finance
Daniel Redell, Fr., Undeclared
Chris Reese, R-Fr., Undeclared
Reid Sinnett, R-So., Finance
Kaene Soto, R-So., Economics
Alex Spadone, Fr., Undeclared
Connor Spencer, R-Jr., Electrical Engineering
CJ Stokes, Fr., Undeclared
Connor Strode, Fr., Undeclared
Marcus Vaivao, Jr., Mechanical Engineering
Aidan Valencia, So., Mechanical Engineering
Jake Wittwer, R-Jr., Political Science / English


Bradley Alexander, Fr., Biology
Robert Armand, Jr., Business Administration
Jake Bartha, Sr., Environmental Science & Geography, [Biology]
Jacob Boerboom, Sr., History
James Brown, Fr.,
Augusto Colagiovanni, Fr., Discovery
Jamieson Craske, Jr., Sport Business
Edward Curry, Sr., Public Health, History
Gaven DeFilippo, Sr., Sport Business, {Sales], [Marketing]
Colby Duncan, Jr., Sport Business
Jeffrey Fallabel, Sr., Finance
Patrick Farley, So., Business Administration
Conrad Fonseca, Sr., Public Management
Marco Foreman, Fr., Discovery
Anthony Gilotti, So., Discovery
Peter Greubel, Fr., Biology, Psychology
Jordan Halfinds, So., Sport Business
Jackie Johnson, Jr., Elementary Education, [History]
Bryan Jordan, So., Computer Science
Peter Katz, So., Discovery
Peter Lindner, So., Economics, Finance
Conner Liston, Fr., Public Management
Dre'an Long, Sr., Health Sciences, [Psychology]
Jeffrey Lu, Fr., Biology, Applied Math
Robert Martin, So., Political Science
Colin McGovern, Sr., Sport Business, [Marketing]
Jonathan Messina, So., Health Sciences
Andrew Nadolski, Fr., Economics
Jeremiah Nails, So., Sport Business
Donald Parham, Jr., Sociology
Fermon Reid, Fr., Finance
Walker Richards, So., Business Administration, [Entrepreneurship]
Jacob Rovig, So., Chemistry
Jordan Sabo, Sr., Molecular Biology
Richard Stanzione, So., Physics
Regis Steighner, Jr., Economics, Finance
Jacob Sullivan, So., Biology
Matthew Sweeney, Jr., Mathematics, [Finance], [Accounting]
Nicolas Sylvia, So., Finance, [Family Enterprise]
Djuan Tinsley, Jr., Chemistry
Austin Tyrrell, Sr., Communication & Media Studies, [Religious Studies]
Shayne White, Fifth Year, Sport Business
Jason Winston, Fr., Political Science, [English]


Nicholas Antonacci, Fr., Kinesiology
Gowan Baldwin, Jr., Finance
Cade Bishop, Fr., Actuarial Science
Brett Bittner, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Jamari Booker, So., Management
Cody Boxrucker, So., Finance
Brent Brimmage, Fr., Business
John Buckey, So., Finance
Kyle Cartales, So., Chemistry
Frank Catrine, Sr., Finance
Ryan Clarke, Sr., Sport Management
Alex Cotton, So., Management
Josmar Diaz-Martinez, Jr., Sport Management
Chris Duncan, Fr., Accounting
Drew Gedrys, Fr., Business
Doug Haugh, Fr., Sport Management
Alex Helander, So., Electrical Engineering
John Horan, So., Finance
Jake Iery, Jr., Marketing
Jack Jarnigan, So., Sport Management
Alex Kluck, Fr., Finance
J.D. Koehler, So., Biology
Deuce Larose, Fr., Exercise Science
Dimitrios Latsonas , So., Physical Education
Bryce Leach, Fr., History
Jalin Leandre, Jr., Accounting
Matt Messler, So., Business Management
Jarrett Morgan, Sr., Sport Management
Alex Ng, Jr., Exercise Science
Austin Petrie, So., Physical Education
Logan Pfizenmayer, Fr., Undecided
Carter Puckett, Fr., Business Analytics
John Regan, Sr., Accounting
Jean Rene, Jr., Sport Management
Eric Rentschler, Jr., Computer Engineering
Brandon Riley, Sr., Civil Engineering
Terrance Roberts, So., Business Management
Jimmy Seewald, So., Business
Jake Simpson, Sr., Psychology
Laddie Skarecky, Fr., Exercise Science
Drew Snouffer, Jr., Exercise Science
Connor Sperling, Fr., Exercise Science
Brady Sullivan, So., Accounting
Mason Sutter, Jr., Biology
Jakob Trumpower, So., Computer Engineering
Nick Turner, Jr., Business Management
Gavin Twigg, Fr., Accounting
Kyle Ulbrich, Fr., Political Science
Cole VanSetters, Fr., Business Marketing
Sam Vas, Fr., Civil Engineering
Mike Wheeler, Jr., Economics
Jimmy Zajac, Fr., Finance