Pioneer Football League Releases 2013 Conference Schedule

Monday, December 17, 2012

SAINT LOUIS, Mo.  – The Pioneer Football League has announced its 12-team conference game schedule for the upcoming 2013 season.

Each Pioneer Football League institution will release its own complete schedule. The schedule listed is tentative and subject to change. The PFL will release a final composite schedule in late July once all league member schedules have been completed.

The 2013 PFL schedule is the first with 12 teams, with first-year programs Mercer and Stetson joining the league. In spite of the additions, the PFL will retain its single-division format to determine the league champion. Each league member will play eight games within the conference schedule.

The 21st season of PFL play begins when Morehead State visits Jacksonville, Sept. 14. The rest of the league begins the race for the 2013 crown, Sept. 28, when all 12 league members are in action.

The 2013 PFL race leads up to the league’s first automatic qualification into the NCAA FCS Championship, which begins Nov. 30.

2013 PFL Schedule: Team-by-Team
(Conference Games Only, Dates are Tentative)

Sept. 28: at Jacksonville
Oct. 5: Stetson
Oct. 12: Campbell
Oct. 19: Drake
Oct. 26: at San Diego
Nov. 2: at Dayton
Nov. 9: Valparaiso
Nov. 16: at Morehead State

Sept. 28: at Valparaiso
Oct. 5: Morehead State
Oct. 12: at Butler
Oct. 19: Jacksonville
Oct. 26: Mercer
Nov. 2: at Stetson
Nov. 9: Marist
Nov. 16: at Davidson

Sept. 28: at Morehead State
Oct. 5: at Dayton
Oct. 12: Drake
Oct. 19: Marist
Oct. 26: at Jacksonville
Nov. 2: Mercer
Nov. 9: at Stetson
Nov. 16: Campbell

Sept. 28: Marist
Oct. 5: Davidson
Oct. 12: at Stetson
Oct. 19: San Diego
Oct. 26: at Morehead State
Nov. 2: Butler
Nov. 9: at Drake
Nov. 16: at Valparaiso

Sept. 28: at Mercer
Oct. 5: Jacksonville
Oct. 12: at Davidson
Oct. 19: at Butler
Oct. 26: Valparaiso
Nov. 2: Morehead State
Nov. 9: Dayton
Nov. 16: at San Diego

Sept. 14: Morehead State
Sept. 28: Butler
Oct. 5: `at Drake
Oct. 19: at Campbell
Oct. 26: Davidson
Nov. 2: at Marist
Nov. 9: at Mercer
Nov. 16: Stetson

Sept. 28: at Dayton
Oct. 5: Valparaiso
Oct. 12: at San Diego
Oct. 19: at Davidson
Oct. 26: Stetson
Nov. 2: Jacksonville
Nov. 9: at Campbell
Nov. 16: Mercer

Sept. 28: Drake
Oct. 5: at San Diego
Oct. 12: Valparaiso
Oct. 26: at Campbell
Nov. 2: at Davidson
Nov. 9: Jacksonville
Nov. 16: at Marist
Nov. 23: Stetson

Sept. 14: at Jacksonville
Sept. 28: Davidson
Oct. 5: at Campbell
Oct. 19: at Valparaiso
Oct. 26: Dayton
Nov. 2: at Drake
Nov. 9: San Diego
Nov. 16: Butler

Sept. 28: at Stetson
Oct. 5: Mercer
Oct. 12: Marist
Oct. 19: at Dayton
Oct. 26: Butler
Nov. 2: at Valparaiso
Nov. 9: at Morehead State
Nov. 16: Drake

Sept. 28: San Diego
Oct. 5: at Butler
Oct. 12: Dayton
Oct. 26: at Marist
Nov. 2: Campbell
Nov. 9: Davidson
Nov. 16: at Jacksonville
Nov. 23: at Mercer

Sept. 28: Campbell
Oct. 5: at Marist
Oct. 12: at Mercer
Oct. 19: Morehead State
Oct. 26: at Drake
Nov. 2: San Diego
Nov. 9: at Butler
Nov. 16: Dayton