Pioneer Football League names 576 student-athletes to 2016 Academic Honor Roll

Monday, January 30, 2017
by Cody Bush, PFL Media Relations

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Pioneer Football League has recognized 576 student-athletes from its 11 member institutions to the Fall 2016 PFL Academic Honor Roll.

A complete listing of all student-athletes named to the honor roll, listed alphabetically by member school, follows this release.

The now 11-team league saw more than 550 student-athletes recognized on its honor roll for the fourth consecutive year. The University of Dayton (79) and Butler University (75) each placed more than 70 student-athletes on the honor roll for a second straight year.  In addition, Marist College (52) and Jacksonville University (48) each saw a record number of student-athletes named to the league’s honor roll.

Pioneer Football League athletic director and coaches established the honor roll as a way to recognize the league’s outstanding student-athletes. The academic honor roll consists of student-athletes who participated in football at member institutions during the fall semester and posted a 3.0 grade-point average or higher during the semester while enrolled full-time in accordance with NCAA rules.

Pioneer Football League Fall 2016 Academic Honor Roll

Connor Andras, Jr., Middle/Secondary Education
Sam Badovinac, Fr., Exploratory
Josh Bagger, RFr., Finance, Mathematics
Jacob Balder, RJr., Accounting, Spanish Minor
Thomas Baldwin, RSo., Chemistry
Daniel Banks, RJr., Middle/Secondary Education
Dylan Banks, RJr., Middle/Secondary Education
Curtis Beckman, RJr., Marketing
Drew Bevelhimer, Fr., Biology, Biomedical Engineering
Will Brown, Fr., Accounting
Chad Burdo, RJr., Finance
Mac Carrier, RSo., Finance
Mike Cerrone, RSo., Finance, Risk Management and Insurance
Jordan Cistola, Fr., Management Information Systems
Cord Collier, RJr., Finance, Management Information Systems
Danny Cotter, Sr., Chemistry
Ellis Cupit, RJr., Chemistry, Spanish and Business Law Minors
Daniel DelgrosSo., RFr., Finance
Jack Disser, RFr., Accounting
Ian Dobek, Sr., Biology
Aleks Dragin, RFr., Marketing
Kevin Driscoll, RSo., Marketing, Finance
Daniel Ellsworth, RFr., Astronomy and Astrophysics, Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Gallagher, RFr., Marketing
Clark Gary, RSo., Marketing
Mark Geers, RSo., Political Science, Economics
Evan Geibel, RSo., Human Communication and Organizational Leadership, Strategic Communication Minor
Kevin Gilbert, RFr., Biology
Earl Gill, RFr., Computer Science, Electrical Engineering
Joe Hackett, Sr., Biology, Chemistry minor
Sean Horan, Sr., Economics, Mechanical Engineering
Brad Huth, Fr., Accounting
Bobby Jensen, RSo., Finance, Economics
Mitch Krusz, RFr., Middle/Secondary Education
Duvante Lane, RJr., Middle/Secondary Education
Austin Lewis, Fr., Marketing
Jacob Lewis, RSo., Pharmacy
Nick Mahalak, RFr., Exploratory
James Marbaugh, RFr., Finance
Justin Markus, RFr., Marketing, Finance
Will Marty, RSo., Maketing, Finance, Environmental Studies Minor
John McArthur, Jr., RFr., Exploratory Business
Patrick Mosby, RSo., Middle/Secondary Education, Recreation and Sports Studies
Isaak Newhouse, Jr., Accounting, Finance
Kyle Niemiec, Fr., Finance
Connor O'Donnell, RFr., History, Marketing
Eric Perry, Fr., Political Science
Alex Peterson, RSo., Finance, German Minor
Nestor Porres, Sr., Digital Media Production
Connor Rago, RFr., Pre-Pharmacy
Carter Raleigh, So., Finance
Jordan Ransone, Sr., Strategic Communication
Billy Robinson, RSo., Chemistry
Dalton Rogers, So., Accounting
Anthony Scaccia, RSo., Middle/Secondary Education
Sam Schrader, RJr., Finance, Marketing
Luke Sennett, RFr., Exploratory Business
Ryan Smith, RFr., Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering
Dakota Sneed, RSo., Science, Technology & Society
Christian Stewart, RFr., Marketing
Sammy Szames, RFr., Marketing, Risk Management & Insurance
Brad Sznajder, RFr., Finance
Pace Temple, So., Marketing
Colin Thurston, Fr., Exploratory Business
Cameron Towns, RFr., Marketing
John Turley, Fr., Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering
Michael Udeogu, RSo., Computer Science, Environmental Studies
Albert VanFossen, Fr., Exploratory Business
Tim Vestuto, RFr., Actuarial Science, Psychology Minor
John Wayland, Fr., Marketing
Malcolm Weaver, Sr., Strategic Communication
Brad Weber, RJr., Finance, Risk Management and Insurance
Josh Willis, Sr., Political Science
Sam Yeaton, RFr., Accounting, Finance
Ryan Young, RFr., Marketing

Bryan Bailey, RJr., Criminal Justice
James Blackman, RJr., Trust & Wealth Management
Daniel Bostick, Sr., Exercise Sport Science
Mitchell Brown, Jr., Biology Pre Med
Rogers Clark, RSr., Trust & Wealth Management
Jerry Cooper, Jr., Exercise Sport Science
Marius Cooper, Fr., Accounting
Aaron Dobbins, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Dontel Dunston, Fr., Political Science/Pre-Law
Andy Eddins, RSo., Exercise Sport Science
Joe Fishpaw, Fr., Trust & Wealth Management
Austin Fleming, Sr., Sport Management
Andrew Franklin, RJr., History Prelaw
Colin Gary, RFr., Business Administration
Thomas Hartshorn, RSo., Business Administration
Gabe Holmes, Fr., Undecided
Syd Holt, RSr., Mass Communication
Josh Hutto, RJr., Homeland Security
Jonathan Jeffries, Fr., Business Administration
Akile Jones, RSr., Sport Management
Dj Jones, RSr., Sport Management
Cameron Kelshaw, Fr., Political Science/Pre-Law
Geoffrey Leins, RSo., Sport Management
Josh Manley, RSr., Master of Education
Scott Miller, RJr., Exercise Sport Science
Jarrett Ozimek, RSr., Masters Business Administration
Joe Pesce, Jr., Political Science/Pre-Law
Ethan Pierson, RSo., Kinesiology/Physical Therapy
Matt Price, RFr., Exercise Sport Science
Keilin Rayner, RSr., Masters Business Administration
Zach Roderick, Fr., Business Administration
Jack Ryan, RSo., Trust & Wealth Management
Josh Salois, Fr., Kinesiology/Physical Therapy
Trey Sanders, RSo., Athletic Training
Trevor Sheets, RJr., Trust & Wealth Management
Mason Sledge, RSr., Master Of Education
Daniel Smith, Fr., Undecided
Brian Stryffeler, RJr., Exercise Sport Science
Campbell Tarpey, Fr., Business Administration
Zane Weekman, RSo., History/Teacher Licensure
Levi Wiggins, Fr., Trust & Wealth Management
Gerald Wilkes, RFr., Kinesiology/Physical Therapy
Michael Wooten, RFr., Kinesiology

Will Barefoot, Sr., Economics
Alex Behrend, Sr., Economics
Brian Bourgeois, Fr., Undeclared
Keylan Brown, Fr., Undeclared
Nathan Campbell, So., Undeclared
Jared Carr, Sr., Economics
Nate Casey, Sr., Religious Studies
Cole Cheek, Fr., Undeclared
Cam Cheuvront, Jr., Biology
Allen Clay, So., Biology
Jordan Conn, Fr., Undeclared
John Cook, Sr., Biology
Alex Dawes, So., Undeclared
Vincent Durham, Fr., Undeclared
Ryan Felice, Sr., Psychology
Joe Gallinghouse, Fr., Undeclared
James Gessner, Sr., Economics
Jeff Gurley, Fr., Undeclared
Ben Hart, Jr., Psychology
George Hatalowich, Fr., Undeclared
Derek Jones, Jr., Economics
Boo Jordan, So., Undeclared
Obai Kamara, Sr., Physics
Ryan Leak, Sr., Economics
Erik Matson, Sr., Biology
Michael Matthews, So., Undeclared
Rayshawn McCall, Fr., Undeclared
Cody Mitchell, So., Undeclared
Taylor Mitchell, Jr., Economics
Charlie Morris, So., Undeclared
Conrad Mueller, Jr., Economics
Hunter Murphy, Fr., Undeclared
Nick Nolting, So., Economics
Grant Polofsky, Sr., Political Science
Zach Popovec, Jr., Economics
Nick Ragsdale, Sr., Economics
Connor Richey, Fr., Undeclared
Ryan Samuels, Jr., Sociology
Tom Scheper , Sr., Economics
Trevor Smith, Jr., Biology
Steven Spears, Jr., Sociology
Ethan Steinbacher, Fr., Undeclared
James Story, Fr., Undeclared
Travis Stubblefield, Sr., Political Science
Jon Turkel, Fr., Undeclared
Austin Wells, Jr., Undeclared

Jack Adams, Sr., Political Science
Miles Ashleman, RSr., Marketing
Jon Barker, Fr., Discover Arts
Chris Beaschler, RSr., Mechanical Engineering
Will Bobek, RFr., Discover Business
Chris Booker, Fr., Discover Engineering
Matthew Brandeis, RFr., Marketing
Joseph Bruni, RFr., Operations
Marlin Bunnell, RFr., Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Butz, Fr., Exercise Science
Andy Carfagna, RSr., Engineering Management
Carson Chatterton, Sr., Operations
Matt Clifford, Fr., Pre-Law
Turner Cook, Fr., Political Science
Sam Costantino, Fr., Business Economics
Jack Crain, Sr., Accounting
Ryan Culhane, Fr., Chemical Engineering
Lucas Edwards, RFr., Pre-Medicine
Jack Euritt, Sr., Marketing
A.J. Foster, RFr., Discover Business
Ben Gauthier, So., Adolescence to Young Adult Education
Brian Gillen, Fr., Discover Business
Chris Hagan, RSr., Business
Todd Hamby, Fr., Discover Business
Shane Hannah, RSo., Finance
Connor Hanson, RFr., Exercise Science
Ryan Harkleroad, Fr., Finance
Wes Hegemann, RSo., Marketing
Markus Hurd, Fr., Finance
Zach Jablonski, Fr., Discover Business
Alex Jeske, RSo., Finance
Kyle Kaparos, RFr., Operations
Cole Kaparos, RFr., Management Information Systems
Alex Kenner, RSo., Marketing
Kevin Kurasz, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Shane Lefever, RFr., Discover Business
David Leisring, So., Finance
Spencer Luallen, RSr., Marketing
Andrew Lutgens, Fr., Sport Management
Gus Madden, Sr., Chemical Engineering
Reagan Malas, So., Business Economics
Kevin Maloney, RSo., Middle Childhood Education
Nate Marotta, RSo., Operations
Andrew McCormick, RSo., Marketing
Christian McDermott, RFr., Discover Arts
Drew Melaragno, Fr., Psychology
Michael Newbold, Fr., Biochemistry
Michael Niese, Fr., Discover Engineering
Griffin O'Gara, Jr., Business Economics
Ian Palin, RSr., Business
Chris Papalia, So., Finance
Matthew Rightnour, RFr., Accounting
Andrew Rothstein, Fr., Discover Business
Mike Ruffolo, RSo., Finance
Joey Salowich, Fr., Operations
Dom Sciarretti, Fr., Biology
Michael Scott, Sr., Middle Childhood Education
Christian Searles, Jr., Sport Management
Michael Sernus, RSo., Economics
Isaac Sexton, RFr., Chemical Engineering
Tim Simon, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Skibinski, Fr., Finance
Dante Stefanini, RFr., Marketing
Cameron Stubbs, RSr., Finance
Adam Stull, RFr., Marketing
Nick Surges, RSo., Finance
Adam Trautman, RFr., Electrical Engineering
Matt Tunnacliffe, RSo., Entrepreneurship
Jay Vallie, Fr., Discover Arts
Devin Vann, Fr., Sport Management
Tyler Vincent, Fr., Discover Business
Jimmy Vogel, RSr., Mechanical Engineering
Charles Weidenbach, Fr., Finance
Luke Welsh, RSr., Exercise Science
Colt Whitman, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
William Will, RSr., Business
Owen Williams, RSr., Business
Tucker Yinger, RSo., Mechanical Engineering
Drake Yinger, Fr., Mechanical Engineering

Dustin Anthony, Fr., Actuarial Science
Ximi Asani, Sr., Information Systems/Marketing
Jacob Bacon, Fr., Actuarial Science
Blake Beauchamp, 5Sr., Marketing
Jack Borvan, Fr., Pre-Athletic Training
Alex Bray, Fr., Business Studies
Brandon Bullock, Jr., Finance/Marketing
Devin Cates, So., Kinesiology
Alex Ciszewski, So., Management Marketing
Jacob Clay, Fr., Business Studies
Nathan Clayberg, Jr., Accounting/Finance
Andrew Clifford, Sr., Management/Marketing
Colby Crawford, Sr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Zach DeLeon, Jr., Accounting/Finance
Austin Dismond, Jr., Marketing
Danny Donley, So., International Business Marketing
Rory Driscoll, 5Sr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied [Biology]
Colby Dunn, Sr., Pharmacy
Brady Eckert, So., Physics/Astronomy
Fred Epting, Jr., Marketing
Tanner Evans, Sr., Finance/Politics
Chris Evans, Fr., Psychology
Keegan Gallery, Sr., International Business Marketing
Kyle Garcia, Sr., Management/Marketing
Jacob Hardy, Fr., Health Sciences
Sam Hefner, So., Finance Marketing
Zach Jakalski, Jr., Marketing/Information Systems
Victor Jergens, Fr., Finance
Jeremy Kahen, Sr., Management/Marketing
Isaiah Kent-Schneider, So., Environmental Science/Secondary Teacher Education
Seth Krueger, Fr., Kinesiology
Joshua Lee, Sr., Computer Science [Data Analytics] [Mathematics]
Ryan Lemke, Sr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Sean Lynch, Jr., Politics
Michael Maize, Sr., Elementary Teacher Education
Ian Malaby, Fr., Kinesiology/Biology
Mack Marrin, Sr., Law, Politics & Society [Rhetoric Media & Social Change]
Ben Mawdsley, Fr., Chemistry/Anthropology/Sociology
Mitchell McFarlane, Fr., Actuarial Science
Aaron Melton, 5Sr., Information Systems/Marketing
Grant Menard, Sr., Law, Politics & Society/Marketing
Alex Minton, So., Biology
Jacob Mury, So., Finance [Biology]
Cole Neary, Jr., Biology
Kyrell Newell, Sr., Accounting/Finance
Connor Ostrander, Jr., Finance/Accounting
Tony Petta, Sr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Tom Pugh, Fr., Entrepreneurial Management
Riley Rahuba, Fr., International Business
Peter Read, Jr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Brock Reichardt, Jr., Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
Kieran Severa, Jr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Collin Seymour, Fr., Environmental Science
Grant Snow, Jr., Finance
AJ Spitz, Jr., Rhetoric Media & Social Change
Cody Stepanek, 5Sr., Marketing
Tyler Terveer, Jr., Accounting/Marketing
Cody Thibault, 5Sr., Marketing
Tyler Updegraff, Jr., Marketing [Graphic Design]
Terry Wallen, Jr., Finance
Will Warner, Fr., Actuarial Science
Payson Wick, Sr., Entrepreneurial Management/Marketing
Conley Wilkins, Sr., Entrepreneurial Management/Management
Andrew Yarwood, Sr., Management/Marketing
Zach Zlabis, 5Sr., Information Systems/Marketing

Jamal Adjamah, Jr., Kinesiology
Javier Arce-Ramirez, RFr., Business Administration
Mitchell Bailey, Fr., Business Administration
Wade Benton, So., Mathematics
Joey Bernardini, Fr., Finance
Jake Brito, Jr., Communications
Dane Cordell, Fr., Business Administration
Gunnar Cox, Sr., Exercise Science
Jareeq Crenshaw, Sr., Social Sciences
Nic Duch, RSo., Finance
K'Lin Epps, Fr., Biology
Marion Evans, Fr., Physics
Griffin Garland, Jr., Business Administration
Ryan Giaratano, Sr., Sports Business
Ian Hall, Fr., Economics
Cedric Haskins, Fr., Business Administration
Tyler Havenner, Jr., Sociology
Justin Horton, Sr., Sociology
Jake Howell, Fr., Undeclared
Zach Hughes, Fr., Undeclared
Josh Jemison, Fr., Undeclared
Chris Jones, RJr., Business Administration
Jeremy Jones, Sr., Exercise Science
Si Kilinc, Fr., Communications
CJ Lewis, Fr., Economics
Tommy Mack, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Crandall Maines, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
David Mareno, Fr., Electrical Engineering
Brandon Mayorga, RJr., Accounting
Taylor McCullers, Sr., Kinesiology
Bumpy McGee, RFr., Film
Anthony Medlock, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Chris Morgan, Fr., Engineering-Dual Degree
Kaiden Page, Fr., Computing Sciences
James Pawelczyk, Jr., Business Administration
Michael Perera, RFr., Finance
Davis Polley, Fr., Engineering-Dual Degree
Pernell Rattray, Jr., Kinesiology
Ryan Rhoden, Fr., Biology
Chris Skukalek, Sr., Sports Business
Quinn Slizyk, Fr., Sociology
Emon Smith, Jr., Aviation Management
Avery Thompson, Fr., International Business
Jermaine Thompson, So., Physics
Trevor Tufano, Fr., Undeclared
Jeffrey Vargas, RFr., Kinesiology
Koby Wynn, Fr., Kinesiology
Austin Yeloushan, Jr., Marketing

Chris Apicella, Jr., Business Administration: Finance/Economics
Jonathan Boozer, Jr., Business Administration: International [Accounting/Global Studies]
Bryan Bradshaw, So., Criminal Justice
Jimmy Braun, Jr., Communication: Public Relations
Luke Butera, Fr., Accounting
Marcellus Calhoun, Jr., Communication: Public Relations and Sports Communication
Jerry Caporale, Jr., Communication: Sports Communication
Ethan Carpenter, Fr., Undecided
Maliek Carr, Fr., Business Administration: Undecided
Drew Daniel, Fr., Criminal Justice
Kwame Darko, Jr., Computer Science: Software Development
Lawrence Dickens, Jr., Business Administration: Finance
Grant Dixon, Fr., Business Administration: Finance
Kevin Doran, Fr., Business Administration: Finance [Economics]
Anthony Francis, Jr., Business Administration: Marketing
Tyler Gagnon, Jr., Business Administration: Marketing
Jordan Garofalo, Jr., Business Administration: Finance [Sports Communication]
Cameron Gibson, Sr., Communication: Public Relations and Sports Communication
Joe Giglio, So., Business Administration: Finance [Sports Communication]
Ian Grant, Fr., Business Administration: Finance [Sports Communication]
Jack Griffith, Fr., Communication: Sports Communication and Journalism
Jacob Hallenbeck, Fr., Undecided
Kyle Hamrick, Fr., Communication: Sports Communication
Marcos Hilera, Fr., Communication: Public Relations
Joe Jordan, Sr., Communication: Sports Communication [Business]
Darryn Jordan, Fr., Business Administration: Finance [Spanish]
Mike Maccarone, Sr., Business Administration: Finance
Mike Marston, Sr., Criminal Justice/Psychology
Cole Mason, Fr., Business Administration: Marketing
Andrew McElroy, Fr., Criminal Justice [Cybersecurity/Business]
Wyatt McInturff, Fr., Business Administration: Marketing
Matt McKnelly, Fr., Business Administration: Finance
Jack Navitsky, Fr., Undecided
Andre Nettles , Sr., Criminal Justice
Stanley Perry, Fr., Business Administration: Undecided
Jerry Prutos, Fr., History-Adolescence Education
Brandon Rawlins, So., Criminal Justice
Daniel Rice, Sr., Master of Public Administration
Seamus Ryan, Jr., Business Administration: Finance/Economics
Jordan Saunders, Fr., Biomedical Sciences
Ryan Schneider, Sr., Criminal Justice [Psychology]
Justice Seales, Fr., Communication: Undecided
Ryan Spaulding, So., Business Administration: Finance
Blaise Spinelli, So., Computer Science: Software Development [Information Technology]
Jake Taparausky, Fr., Business Administration: Undecided
Seth Thompson, Fr., Undecided
Matt Thomson, Fr., Political Science
Darien Townsend, Fr., Business Administration: Undecided
Ryan Webb, Fr., Business Administration: Finance
Justice Witowski, Fr., Undecided
Daniel Wittekind, Fr., Communication: Sports Communication
Mateo Zapata, Fr., Biology

Kameron Able, Sr., Mathematics Teaching
John Berry, Fr., Pre-Nursing
Jacob Biller, Jr., University Studies
Clay Bolin, Fr., Business Administration-Finance
Bradley Boone, Fr., Health and PE
Colt Briggs, Jr., Biomedical Sciences
Braden Brown, Fr., Chemistry
Hunter Burdno, Fr., Engineering Management
Jamil Butler, Jr., Sport Management
Kalen Carson, Fr., Exercise Science
Kole Carter, Fr., Health and Physical Education
Jovon Cobbs, Fr., Biomedical Sciences
Kaleb Cook, Fr., Business Administration-Information Systems
Kyler Corbett, Jr., Engineering Management
Pat DiSalvio, Sr., Biomedical Sciences
Sam Driggers, Fr., Exercise Science
Joby Embrey, Jr., Sport Management
Brandon Fields, Fr., Biological Sciences
Dalton Frasure, Fr., Biomedical Sciences
Kyle Gilbert, Fr., Business Administration-Accounting
Braden Hicks, So., Business Administration-Finance
Landon Hurst, Fr., Exercise Science
Dominic Iori, Sr., Business Administration-Finance
Jeff Jones, Jr., Middle Grades Education
Lawrence Jones, Sr., Biomedical Sciences
Sayyid Kanu, Jr., University Studies
Grant Kiser, Fr., Engineering Tech-Construction Management and Civil Engineering
Roberto London, Fr., University Studies
Brandon Louder, Sr., Convergent Media
Alex Meador, Fr., Pre-Nursing
Dre Nuzum, Sr., Convergent Media
Benjamin Price, Fr., Social Studies Teaching
Darius Pritchett, Sr., Sport Management
Jake Raymond, Sr., Engineering Tech-Construction Management and Civil Engineering
Patrick Rice, Fr., Criminology
Nathan Sames, Jr., Engineer Technology-Design and Manufacturing
Jake Sutherland, Jr., Exercise Science
Juanyea Tarver, Fr., University Studies
Armand Walker, Sr., Engineering Management
C.J. Wall, Sr., Exercise Science
Matt Ward, Sr., Sport Management
Nick Wrightsel, Sr., Engineer Technology-Design and Manufacturing
Evan Yongue, Sr., Learning and Behavioral Disorders

Ryan Belden, Sr., Finance
Brant Berglund, RJr., Finance
Jacob Bergstrom, Fr., Undeclared
Nolan Bisogno, Fr., Undeclared
Devyn Bryant, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Mason Burnett, RJr., Business Administration
Ray Clark, Jr., Business Administration
Ross Dwelley, RJr., Industrial & Systems Engineering
Alex Farina, Fr., Undeclared
Jack Flatau, RJr., Communication Studies
Colton Giorgi, Jr., Behavioral Neuroscience
Tim Hemmersmeier, Fr., Undeclared
Nic Henson, RSr., Finance
Jonah Hodges, RSr., Political Science
Zach Holland, Jr., Finance
Bryan Kelly, RFr., Biology
Anthony Lawrence, RSo., Accountancy
Scott Lewis, Fr., Undeclared
Nathan Loya, RSo., Business Administration
Jack Michael, RFr., Accountancy
Jake Michaels, RFr., Biology
Max Michaels, Jr., Accountancy
Alec Moreno, RJr., Accountancy
Creighton Morfitt, RFr., Mechanical Engineering
Patrick Murray, Jr., Real Estate
Shey Newton, Fr., Undeclared
Kishan Patel, RJr., International Business
Justin Priest, Jr., Finance
Jared Puu Robinson, Fr., Undeclared
Chris Reese, Fr., Undeclared
Brian Riley, Sr., Business Administration
Spencer Seeley, RJr., Marketing
Reid Sinnett, RFr., Finance
Kaene Soto, RFr., Undeclared
Connor Spencer, RSo., Electrical Engineering
Luke Taffuri, Sr., Accountancy
Corey Taylor, Fr., Undeclared
Marcus Vaivao, So., Mechanical Engineering
Jack White, RFr., Undeclared
Jake Wittwer, RSo., Political Science

Cameron Adams, Fr., Discovery
Nick Andreas, So., Business Administration
Robert Armand, So., Business Administration
Jake Bartha, Jr., Environmental Science & Geography [Biology]
Jacob Boerboom, So., History
Arkee Brown, So., English
Dominic Coluccio, So., Business Administration
Eddie Curry, Jr., Public Health [History]
Gaven Defilippo, Jr., Sport Business [Marketing]
Cole Dunagan, So., Business Administration
Jeff Fallabel, Jr., Business Administration
Patrick Farley, Fr., Business Administration
Patrick Fogarty, Sr., Sport Business {Business Administration]
Conrad Fonseca, So., Public Management
Matais Gasc, Fr., Discovery
Gary Gotling, Sr., Management
Jordan Halfinds, Fr., Sport Business
J.J. Henderson, Fr., Business Administration
Chancellor Jackson, Jr., Communication & Media Studies
Jonathan Jerozal, Sr., Marketing [Sport Business]
Peter Katz, Fr., Discovery
Nicholas Kelly, So., Integrative Health Science
Nick Kryvicky, Fr., Discovery
Adam LaManque, So., Business Administration [Sport Business]
Peter Linder, Fr., Economics
Dre'an Long, Jr., Integrative Health Science [Psychology]
Cole Martin, Fr., Marketing [Sport Business/Business System Analysis]
Colin McGovern, So., Sport Business
Jonny Messina, Fr., Health Sciences
Gabriel Overmyer, Fr., Political Science
Austin Perlman, So., Integrative Health Science
Kendall Ragin, Fr., International Business
Gerado Rodriguez Olmo, Fr., Sport Business
Andrew Roglaski, So., Communication & Media Studies
Jacob Rovig, Fr., Chemistry
Jordan Sabo, Jr., Molecular Biology
Rich Stanzione, Fr., Discovery
Regis Steighner, So., Economics
Jacob Sullivan, Fr., Biology
Cody Sumner, Fr., Computer Information Systems
Matthew Sweeney, Fr., Mathematics
Austin Tyrell, Jr., Communication & Media Studies [Religious Studies]
Matt Wawrzyniak, Sr., Accounting

Gowan Baldwin, So., Finance
Grayson Bastin, Sr., Biology
Cody Boxrucker, Fr., Finance
Jack Buckey, Fr., Finance
Kyle Cartales, Fr., Biology/Chemistry
Frank Catrine, Jr., Finance
Ryan Clarke, Jr., Physical Education / Sport Management
Jonathan Coyne, Jr., Finance/Marketing
Brandon Doepke, Jr., Marketing
Chris Duncan, Fr., Accounting
Derrick Estell, Jr., Civil Engineering
Kyle Farwick, Fr., Business
Kenny Floyd, Jr., Physical Education - Teacher Education
Nolan Fortman, Fr., Business
Bailey Gessinger, Fr., Physical Education / Sport Management
Alex Helander, Fr., Electrical Engineering
Jake Iery, So., Business Analytics / Marketing
Idode Kerobo, Sr., Finance
Jacob Koehler, Fr., Nursing
Brian Lang, Jr., Accounting
Dimitrios Latsonas, Fr., Physical Education
Jarrett Morgan, Jr., Physical Education / Sport Management
Chris Orlich, Fr., Business
Grant Papenfuss, Fr., Finance
Kyle Petroff, Fr., Business
John Regan, So., Accounting
Eric Rentschler, So., Computer Engineering
Connor Rettig, Jr., Biology
Brandon Riley, Jr., Civil Engineering
Jimmy Seewald, Fr., Business
Jake Simpson, Jr., Psychology
Conner Smith, So., Accounting
Connor Sperling, Fr., Exercise Science
Sean Stephens, Fr., Sport Management
Brady Sullivan, Fr., Accounting / Business Analytics
Mason Sutter, So., Biology
Jake Trumpower, Fr., Computer Engineering
Nick Turner, So., Management
Parker Welch, Fr., Business
Mike Wheeler, So., Economics / Computer Analysis
Jimmy Zajac, Fr., Finance