Pioneer Football League names 580 student-athletes to 2019 Academic Honor Roll

Monday, February 3, 2020
by Cody Bush, PFL Media Relations

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Pioneer Football League has recognized 580 student-athletes from its 10 member institutions to the Fall 2019 PFL Academic Honor Roll.

A complete listing of all student-athletes named to the honor roll, listed alphabetically by member school, follows this release.

The PFL saw more than 500 student-athletes recognized on its honor roll for a seventh consecutive year. The University of Dayton (85), Drake University (65), Butler University (63), Davidson College (60) and Stetson University (60) each placed 60 or more student-athletes on the honor roll. In addition, Dayton, Drake and Stetson each placed a program-record number of student-athletes on the league’s honor roll.

Pioneer Football League athletic director and coaches established the honor roll in 2001 as a way to recognize the league’s outstanding student-athletes. To date the league has recognized more than 8,300 student-athletes on the PFL Academic Honor Roll.

The PFL Academic Honor Roll consists of student-athletes who participated in football at member institutions during the fall semester and posted a 3.0 grade-point average or higher during the semester while enrolled full-time in accordance with NCAA rules.

Pioneer Football League Fall 2019 Academic Honor Roll

Devin Aguilar, RSo., Finance
Nylan Alexander, Fr., Undeclared
Sam Badovinac, RJr., Computer Science 
Adam Baker, RSo., Undeclared
Michael Benefield, Fr., Undeclared
Connor Benson, Fr., Undeclared
Drew Bevelhimer, Sr., Spanish
Griffin Blunk, Jr., Undeclared
Luke Brost, Fr., Undeclared
Sam Brown, RSo., Marketing
Bret Bushka, Fr., Undeclared
Michael Butler, RFr., Marketing
Bryan Bystol, Fr., Undeclared
Joe Camacho, Sr., Pharmacy 
Tommy Carlsen, RFr., Economics [Political Science]
AJ Deinhart, RFr., Marketing
Dan DelGrosSo., Sr., Finance
Stephen Dennis, Sr., Marketing
Drew Dingman, RSo., Undeclared
Michael Dunn, RFr., Finance
Artie Dutmers, Fr., Undeclared
Sam Farber, Fr., Undeclared
Carter Highhouse, Fr., Undeclared
Mickey Kane, RSo., Accounting
Luke Kessinger, Fr., Undeclared
Carson Kimple, Fr., Undeclared
Joey Lindstrom, RJr., Marketing
Max Luc, Fr., Undeclared
Nick Lucas, RSo., Accounting
Brian Macuga, RSo., Undeclared
Bradley Magee, RFr., Computer Science 
Nick Mahalak, Sr., Finance
Mike Manning, Fr., Undeclared
Justin Markus, Sr., Marketing
Joe Marra, RFr., Sports Media
John McArthur, Sr., Finance
Mac Menard, RFr., Accounting
Johnny O'Shea, RFr., Marketing
Ben Packer, Fr., Undeclared
Ryan Perkins, Sr., Computer Science 
Eric Perry, RJr., Political Science
Malachi Pike, RFr., Undeclared
Brian Ranallo, RJr., Strategic Communication
Andrew Reinhard, Fr., Undeclared
Marcus Robitaille, Fr., Undeclared
Colton Ruhland, RFr., Computer Science 
Nate Rusk, RFr., Health Sciences 
Austin Schwantz, RSo., Accounting
Trevor Scott, RSo., Finance
Luke Sennett, Sr., Finance [Marketing]
Ryan Smith, Sr., Chemistry
Beau Snuggs, RSo., Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Skyler Spetter, RFr., Finance
Grant Stegman, Fr., Undeclared
Jared Suchevits, Fr., Undeclared
Sammy Szames, Sr., Marketing
Brad Sznajder, Sr., Finance [Economics]
Ben Treece, RFr., Accounting
Jefferson Walls, Fr., Undeclared
Michael Wellman, Fr., Undeclared
Mitchell Zoloty, RFr., Political Science
Joe Zuccari, RSo., Finance
Luka Zurak, Fr., Undeclared

Jerial Adarquah-Yiadom, So., Undeclared
Nick Baker, So., Undeclared
Brian Bourgeious, Sr., Political Science
James Boyle, Jr., Economics
Tyler Chisholm, Jr., Economics
Will Ciemny, So., Undeclared
Louis Colosimo, Jr., Economics
Callen Davidson, Jr., Biology
Miles Davis, So., Undeclared
Luca Dellosa, Fr., Undeclared
Tyler Dittmer, Fr., Undeclared
Wesley Dugger, Jr., Sociology
Vincent Durham, Sr., Biology
TJ Elliott, Jr., Sociolgy
Duncan Englehardt, Jr., Political Science
Collin Haiir, Jr., Psychology
George Hatalowich, Sr., Economics
Dreylan Hines, So., Undeclared
Sean Holton, Jr., Psychology
Zach Idris, Jr., Political Science
Brian Jacobs, Fr., Undeclared
Kaedon Jenkins, Fr., Undeclared
Clayton Kent, Jr., Economics
Tate Kipperman, Jr., Political Science
Hunter Louthan, Sr., Economics
Rayshawn McCall, Sr., Computer Science
Jared McDonald, So., Undeclared
Max Mead, Jr., Political Science
Khalil Miller, So., Undeclared
Satchel Moore, Jr., Political Science
NyJay Nelson, Jr., Computer Science
Bradyn Oakley, Fr., Undeclared
Chibuike Odo, So., Undeclared
Chris Panko, Fr., Undeclared
Jaden Pask, Fr., Undeclared
Tyler Payne, Fr., Undeclared
Bryce Perry-Martin, Sr., Computer Science
Tyler Phelps, Jr., Economics
Evan Pritchard, So., Undeclared
Chris Quiroga, Fr., Undeclared
Lucas Raber, Fr., Undeclared
Connor Richey, Sr., Economics
Kendahl Ross, So., Undeclared
Kristjan Schmidt, Jr., Economics
Josh Sepe, Fr., Undeclared
Jackon Sherrard, So., Undeclared
Nick Snyder, So., Undeclared
Tyler Solomon, So., Undeclared
Dylan Sparks, Fr., Undeclared
Ethan Steinbacher, Sr., Computer Science
Kevin Stipe, Sr., Economics
Jake Stylski, Fr., Undeclared
Pat Tabor, Jr., Computer Science
Chris Turberville, Fr., Undeclared
Bernard Turner, Jr., Fr., Undeclared
Eli Turner, Jr., So., Undeclared
Cade Vela, So., Undeclared
Will Wicks, Sr., Political Science
Coy Williams, So., Undeclared
Steven Wolfe, Jr., Political Science

Jack Albers, RFr., Management Information Systems
Nick Bart, RSo., Finance / Entrepreneurship
Anthony Best, RSo., Civil Engineering
Kevin Bickett, RSo., Health Science: Integrative Physiology
Will Bobek, RSr., Finance
Matthew Brandeis, RSr., Master in Business Administration: Marketing
Sam Broom, RFr., Business Economics
Joe Bubonics, Sr., Adolescence to Young Adult Education: Earth Science / Physics
Kyle Butz, Sr., Sport Management
Anthony Cerminara, Fr., Discover Business
Jack Chishom, So., Pre-Medicine
Matthew Clifford, Sr., Political Science
Jack Cook, RSo., Finance
Turner Cook, Sr., Sport Management
Sam Costantino, Sr., Marketing: Sales Management
Joe Craft, Fr., Civil Engineering
Logan Dalton, Fr., Finance
Michael Denning, Fr., Economics
Nico DiGirolamo, Fr., Discover Arts
Michael Drobnick, RFr., Discover Engineering Technology
Joe Durham, RFr., Computer Information Systems
Grant Dyer, RFr., Health Science: Exercise & Movement Science
Brandon Easterling, Jr., Management Information Systems
George Fanelli, Fr., Business Economics
Shane Ferrick, RSo., Sport & Wellness: Sport Management
Michael Franks, Fr., Biology
Martin Geary, RFr., Communication: Communication Management
Brian Gillen, Sr., Marketing: Sales Management
Clayton Hamby, Sr., Civil Engineering
Ryan Harkelroad, Sr., Finance / Business Economics
Jackson Harold, Fr., Discover Business
Kyle Hazell, Fr., Marketing 
Michael Hegewald, RSo., Finance
Alex Hirschfield, Fr., Business Economics
Andrew Holderer, RSo., Pre-Dentistry
Markus Hurd, Sr., Finance
Zach Jablonski, Sr., Entrepreneurship
Gabe Jacon-Duffy, Fr., Business Economics
Cole Kaparos, Sr., Marketing
Jusin Karem, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Christian Kelly, So., Sport & Wellness: Sport Management
Nick Keyes, RFr., Finance
Jonny Krone, RFr., Electrical Engineering
Griffin Laake, Fr., Business Economics
Matt Lenti, Fr., Sport & Wellness: Sport Management
Jake Lyons, RFr., Sport & Wellness: Sport Management
Danny Meehan, RFr., Business Economics
Drew Melaragno, Sr., Psychology
Logan Moews, RSo., Pre-Medicine
Alonzo Motley, Fr., Finance
Michael Neel, Fr., Business Economics
Michael Newbold, Sr., Biochemistry
Austin Newland, RSo., Computer Science
Drew Nieman, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Michael Niese, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Nate Obringer, RSo., Finance / Entrepreneurship
Zach Pipoly, Sr., Finance
Sean Prophit, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Tim Roell, RSr., Mechanical Engineering
Andrew Rothstein, Sr., Accounting
Zach Rumpke, RFr., Operations & Supply Management
Tim Simon, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Billy Skalitzky, Fr., Marketing
Ryan Skibinski, Sr., Finance
Elijah Smith, Fr., Business Economics
Jon Smith, Fr., Finance
Owen Smith, Sr., Business Economics
Cameron Specht, RFr., Marketing
Mason Stauffer, RFr., Business Economics / Entrepreneurship
Brian Stevens, Fr., Health Science: Exercise & Movement Science
Logan Tate, RFr., Marketing / Insight Selling
David Tkatch, Fr., Chemical Engineering
Adam Trautman, RSr., Electrical Engineering
Alec Trautman, RSo., Accounting / Finance
Josh Trautman, RFr., Finance / Investment Management
Jay Vallie, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Ryan VanSchelven, Fr., Civil Engineering
Tyler Vincent, Sr., Marketing
Reilly Waldoch, Fr., Graphic Design
Allen Waltz, Jr., Computer Engineering
Richie Warfield, RSo., Management Information Systems
Sam Webster, Fr., Finance
Colt Whitman, Sr., Mechanical Engineering
Derek Willits, Fr., Biochemistry
Drake Yinger, Sr., Mechanical Engineering

Matthew Aceto, Jr., Chemistry
Dustin Anthony, Sr, Data Analytics
Mark Bach, Jr., Marketing
Tyler Barrett, Jr., Marketing/Finance
Alex Birchler, So., Finance/Accounting
Brady Bjorkman, Jr., Entrepreneurial Management/Marketing
Brenden Burton, Fr., Marketing/Business Major With Law
Declan Carr, So., Finance/International Business
Patrick Carr, Sr, Finance/Marketing
Devin Cates, 5th, Psychology [Business]
Joseph Coit, Fr., Data Analytics
Ian Corwin, Fr., Business Studies
Blake Curtin, Fr., Business Studies [Biology]
Nathaniel De Bruin, Fr., Finance/Accounting
Jared Defriend, Jr., Biology
Gavin Dineen, Sr, Management/Marketing
Steven Doran, 5th, Astronomy/Physics
Zachary Drummond, Fr., Business Studies/Business Major With Law
Evan Durbin, Fr., Management/Business Major With Law
Marcell Ellis, So., Computer Science
Jonathan Engle, So., Quantitative Economics/Mathematics [Spanish/Sociology]
Nolan Engmann, Fr., Kinesiology
Ryan Erickson, So., Computer Science/Data Analytics
Chris Evans, Sr, Psychology/Computer Science
Shane Feller, Sr, Kinesiology
Conner Furu, Jr., Psychology
Benjamin Gerdes, So., Marketing/Business Major With Law
Cade Gilbert, Sr, Secondary Teacher Education
Grant Gossling, Jr., Marketing
Zackary Gray, Fr., Finance
Jacob Hardy, Sr, Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied [Spanish/Psychology/Biology]
Braeden Hartwig, Jr., Pharmacy
Ryan Hayes, So., Finance
John Hill, So., Computer Science/Information Systems [Data Analytics]
Jake Hoper, So., Business Studies/Business Major With Law
Colin Howard, Fr., Economics
Linden Howe, Fr., Biology
Ryan Jackson, Fr., Actuarial Science/Data Analytics
Victor Jergens, Sr, Finance/ [Economics]
Ander Johnson, So., Finance
Maxwell Johnson, Jr., Finance
Andrew Kasten, So., Finance
Ross Kennedy, Sr, Marketing [Sociology]
Isaiah Kent-Schneider, 5th, Stem Education
Zachary Kincade, So., Finance/Biochemistry/Molecular Biology [Data Analytics]
Kieran Kohorst, So., Marketing/Business Major With Law
Ryan Kriceri, Jr., Accounting
Seth Krueger, Sr, Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
William Kulick, Jr., Finance/Accounting
Noah Larson, Jr., Data Analytics/Marketing
Andrew Lauer, 5th, Information Systems/Marketing
Jack Lehmann, So., Environmental Sustainability & Resilience/Biology [Economics]
Jacob Lewis, Sr, Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Joey Lukrich, Fr., Finance
Billy Maples, So., Secondary Teacher Education [Business]
Michael Markett, Fr., Undeclared Arts & Sciences
Jorin Mcguire, Jr., Pharmacy
Daniel Morales, RFr., Health Sciences: Clinical & Applied
Erin Morgan, 5th, Digital Media Production
Harrison Murray, Jr., Finance
Benjamin Nienhuis, Jr., Biology
Tom Pugh, Sr, Economics/Finance
Cross Robinson, Jr., Psychology/Anthropology/Sociology
Alexander Rogers, Jr., Computer Science/Data Analytics
Zachary Rujawitz, 5th, Marketing
Collin Seymour, Sr, Kinesiology
Jayce Smallwood, Jr., Marketing
Andrew Stafford, Fr., Business Studies/Business Major With Law
Gage Vander Leest, Fr., Kinesiology

Evan Anderson, RFr., Nursing
Mitchell Bailey, Sr., Pre-Business
Michael Baker Jr., RFr., Marketing
Bryant Bowen, Jr., Business Administration
BJ Byrd, Jr., Communications
Milton Chandler III, Fr., Business Administration
Matt Clements, Fr., Finance
Johnny Cooper, RSo., Kinesiology
Ish Cortes, RFr., Kinesiology
AJ Davis, RSo., Mechanical Engineering
Kobie Dickerson, RSo., Aviation Management
Sean Dispenza, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Ryan Downing, RFr., Pre-Business
Anthony Einhorn, Fr., Deciding
Andrew Flanagan, RFr., Biology
Hunter Folsom, RFr., Mechanical Engineering
Charles Fordham, RJr., Pre-Business
Cameron Gebers, Fr., Economics
Caleb Grimes, Fr., Pre-Business
Jared Hamilton, RJr., Kinesiology
Myles Harris, Jr., Pre-Business
Kai Hedgemon, Fr., Communications
Brennan Henry, Fr., Management
Mason Hoose, Jr., Social Sciences
Ethan Hull, RFr., Finance
Myles Hunt, RFr., Art
Xaiyhir Jacobs, RFr., Kinesiology
Logan Langemeier, So., Finance
Nick Lavender, Fr., Kinesiology
CJ Lewis, Sr., Economics
AJ Mealer, Fr., Kinesiology
Trey Minnifield, RJr., Kinesiology
Alex Muse, Fr., Business Information Systems
David Padilla, RFr., Kinesiology
Cody Russell, RFr., Pre-Business
Donald Rutledge, Fr., Deciding
Vasco Sanders, Jr., Communications
Steven Sargeant, Fr., Deciding
Tommy St. Julien, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Kelvin Stevenson, RFr., Biology
Ian Stone, RFr., Biology
Adolphus Taylor, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin Tillman III, RFr., Kinesiology
Alec Valet, RFr., Biology
Caysaun Wakeley, Sr., Pre-Business
Jalen Whisby, Fr., Deciding
Cedrick Wilcox III, Jr., Business Administration
Kyree Woods, Jr., Electrical Engineering
Walker Wright, RFr., Business Administration
Brandon Young, RFr., Mechanical Engineering

Jacob Abill, Jr., Criminal Justice
Aaron Acosta, RFr., Business Administration [Criminal Justice]
Chris Arnold, RJr., Communication: Public Relations
Mike Arrington, RFr., Communication: Public Relations and Sports Communication [Business]
Carson Badamo, RFr., Business Administration: Finance/Economics
Kevin Burke, RSo., Communication: Public Relations [Business]
Luke Butera, RJr., Business Administration: Finance
Drew Callahan, RFr., Criminal Justice
Chris Carolei, RJr., Business Administration: Finance and Marketing
Ethan Carpenter, RJr., Cybersecurity [Information Technology/Information Systems/Computer Science]
Maliek Carr, Sr., Business Administration: Marketing [Accounting]
Noah Carroll, RSo., Communication: Sports Communication [Business]
Andrew Chiurazzi, RFr., Business Administration
Kyle Coffindaffer, Fr., Psychology
Mac Coughlin, Fr., Business Administration
Grant Dixon, RJr., Business Administration: Finance/Economics
Dominic Donohue, Fr., Undecided
Ryan Fitzgerald, RSo., Business Administration: Marketing [Advertising]
Kyle Fleitman, RSo., Business Administration: Marketing [Fashion Merchandising]
Nick Foglia, RFr., Business Administration: Marketing
Halil Gecaj, RFr., Business Administration: Finance
Luke Gioffre, RSo., Business Administration: Marketing [Fashion Merchandising]
Joe Giordano, RSo., Communication: Public Relations
Mark Gordon, Jr., Communication: Public Relations
Jack Griffith, RJr., Communication: Sports Communication and Journalism
Jacob Hallenbeck, RJr., Psychology
Tyhir Harley, Fr., Communication: Sports Communication
Luke Hatch, Fr., Environmental Science: Science Emphasis
Max Heinrich, So., Business Administration: Human Resources [Public Relations]
Justin Iaccio, Fr., Applied Mathematics
Ben Johnson, RFr., Business Administration: Finance [Environmental Science]
Darryn Jordan, RJr., Business Administration: Marketing [Spanish]
Colten Katcher, RSo., Psychology
Nick Keou, Fr., Cybersecurity
Wookdong Kim, Fr., Business Administration: Finance and International [Accounting]
Andy Lewis, Fr., Criminal Justice
Andrew McElroy, RSr, Masters of Public Administration: Ethical Leadership
Julian McGarvey, RFr., Criminal Justice
Matt McKnelly, RJr., Business Administration: Finance
Colin Moran, RJr., Business Administration: Finance [Accounting]
Areg Nazarian, Sr., Cybersecurity [Information Technology/Information Systems/Computer Science]
Anthony Olivencia, RSr, Criminal Justice
Paul Olivett, RFr., Communication: Sports Communication and Journalism
Luke Paladino, RFr., Business Administration: Marketing
Joe Petro, RSr., Masters in Integrated Marketing Communication
Christian Pritzlaff, RSo., Business Administration: Finance [Accounting]
Anthony Purge, RJr., Communication: Sports Communication [Interactive Media]
John Roscigno, RJr., Business Administration: Finance [Computer Science]
Isaiah Smith, Fr., Undecided
Ben Stoy, RSo., Business Administration: Finance [Criminal Justice]
Luke Strnad, RSo., Psychology/Special Education
Seth Thompson, RJr., Biomedical Sciences [Psychology]
Matt Thomson, RJr., Political Science
Bryan Vargas, Fr., Business Administration
Teddy Wright, RSo., Criminal Justice

DeVonte Adams, Jr., Exercise Science
Isaac Armstrong, Fr., Undeclared
Brandon Barbee, So., Finance
Cameron Barrett, Jr., Marketing
Carter Black, Fr., Accounting
Pete Brower, Fr., Biomedical Sciences
Kalen Carson, Jr., Exercise Science
Mario Convenuto, Fr., Undeclared
Grady Cramer, Fr., Exercise Science
Tanner Duncan, So., Legal Studies
Jose Garcia, Fr., Sports Management
Jelani Ray Garvin, Jr., Criminology
Kyle Gilbert, Jr., Accounting
Skailar Hage, Fr., Marketing
Zach Hardin, So., Accounting
Ian Holder, So., Strategic Communications
Landon Hurst, Jr., University Studies
Trent Johnson, So., Theater
Trent Kelley, Fr., General Management
Cooper Krezek, Fr., General Business
Dalton Lewis, Fr., Physics & Mechanical Engineering
Gabe Limings, Fr., Exercise Science
Cam Marriott, So., Political Science
Matt Mattingly, Jr., Finance
Wilson McCraw, Fr., Computer Science Networking
Jalen Miller, Fr., Engineering Technology
DJ Niculescu, Jr., Exercise Science
Tyler Noble, Jr., Sociology
Connor Ott, Fr., Agriculture Agribuisness
Kobe Owens-Collins, Fr., Exercise Science
Jacob Peters, So., Biomedical Sciences
Tyler Rice, Fr., General Agriculture
Hunter Richardson, Fr., Criminology
Derrion Sanders, Jr., Exercise Science
Jovan Smith, So., Health Promotions
Jovel Smith, So., Health Promotions
Rob Snyder, Fr., Undeclared
Jalen Swanson, Fr., Exercise Science
Vaughn Taylor Jr., Jr., Sports Management
Jared Thompson, Fr., Marketing
Isaiah Tigler, Jr., University Studies
Preston Toner, Fr., Biomedical Sciences
Darian Torres, Fr., General Management
Tyler Wells, Jr., University Studies
Mykah Williams, Fr., Undeclared
Holton Zoss, Fr., Biomedical Sciences

Jacob Bergstrom, RJr., Finance
Jojo Binda Jr., Sr., Sociology
Nicolas Bisogno, Fr., Undeclared
Nolan Bisogno, RJr., Engineering
Matt Bohamed, So., Undeclared
Jacob Brumbaugh, So., Mechanical Engineering
Michael Carner, RFr., Undeclared
Zach Carr, Fr., Undeclared
John Castro, RFr., Undeclared
Jake Cirame, RSo., Business Economics
John Cody, So., Undeclared
Bennett Dondoyano, RSo., Finance / Marketing
Devin Doroff, Fr., Undeclared
Brandon Eickert, Fr., Electrical Engineering
Alex Farina, RJr., Behavioral Neuroscience
Bryce Fledderman, RSo., Engineering
Trent Forster, RSo., Business Administration
Nick Friedel, RJr., Business Administration
Michael Gadinis, RSo., Real Estate / Finance
Kevin Glajchen, RJr., Finance
Rj Gonzalez, RSo., Marketing
Brennan Goring, RSo., Psychology
Rhyle Hanson, Fr., Undeclared
Patrick Harmon, Fr., Undeclared
Deshaun Harvey, So., Undeclared
Shane Jamison, Fr., Undeclared
Kama Kamaka, Jr., Accountancy / Finance
Bryan Kelly, RSr., Biology
Matt Kilander, Fr., Undeclared
Derek Kline, RFr., Undeclared
Hayden Laccabue, Fr., Undeclared
Cody Laut, RJr., Sociology
Carson Lewis, Fr., Undeclared
Emilio Martinez, Jr., Business Administration
Brandon Micale, Jr., Electrical Engineering
Khepra Mims, So., Undeclared
Zach Nelson, RSr., Marketing
Nathan Orellano, Fr., Undeclared
Mason Randall, RJr., Marketing
James Reed, RFr., Undeclared
Chris Reese, RJr., Electrical Engineering
Jj Schechtman, Fr., Undeclared
Grant Sergent, Fr., Undeclared
Ronald Sharlou, So., Business Administration
Reid Sinnett, RSr., Finance
Daniel Thomas, Fr., Undeclared
Chandler Thompson, Fr., Undeclared
Marcus Vaivao, RSr., Mechanical Engineering
Aidan Valencia, RJr., Mechanical Engineering
Maguire Withrow, Fr., Undeclared
Eric Yeager, Fr., Undeclared

Kyle Benedict, So., Finance, Entrepreneurship
Gaven DeFilippo, Gr, Masters Of Business Administration
Jacob Sullivan, Sr, Molecular Biology
Josh Hughes, Jr., Computer Science
Steven Rehrig, So., Finance
Bensely Bornelus, Jr., Health Sciences
Jason Winston, Sr, Political Science
Jonny Messina, Sr, Health Sciences
Jeffrey Lu, Sr, Molecular Biology
Kevin Grooms, Sr, Sociology
Alex Brown, Sr, International Business
Jonathan Hoback, Fr., Computer Science
Brad Alexander, Sr, History
Chase Brown, Jr., Communication & Media Studies
Jeremiah Nails, Gr, Masters of Business Administration
Avery Samuels, Fr., Discovery (Undeclared)
Hayden Smith, So., Health Sciences
Michael Wojciechowski, Fr., Finance
Shamare Rush, Fr., Political Science
Christian Jolley, So., Marketing
Adam Masterson, So., Finance
John Pascale, Fr., Discovery (Undeclared)
John Endara, Fr., Physics
Ernie Bourk, Fr., History
Dominic Carlucci, Fr., Business Administration
Dylan Sigman, Fr., Business Administration
Colin Wray, Jr., Sport Business
Jamieson Craske, Sr, Sport Business, Professional Sales
Grant Hodges, Sr, History
Max Mazur, Fr., Applied Mathematics
Steven Godwin, So., Health Sciences
Edward Hernandez, Fr., Marketing
James Rhodes, Fr., Business Administration
Alex Piccirilli, Jr., Finance
Billy Corte, So., Finance
Peter Katz, Sr, Management
Quinton Lane, So., Business Administration
Jalen Mason, Jr., Psychology
Alek Nickolich, Fr., Health Sciences
Fermon Reid, Jr., Finance
Jordan Williams, Fr., Health Sciences
Connor Becker, Fr., Business Administration
Kyle Godlewski, Sr, Business Administration
Antonio Andrews, Sr, Entrepreneurship
Dwight Lawrence, So., Marketing
Michael Lawson, Jr., Health Sciences
Brady Rhodes, Fr., Computer Science
Kollin Stuart, Fr., Business Administration
Tallin Coates, Fr., Health Sciences
Cameron Gillis, So., Business Administration
Noah Ledingham, So., Business Administration
Preston Staples, Fr., Economics
Austin Perlman, Sr, Health Sciences
Michael Carley, Fr., Health Sciences
Bryson Richards, Jr., Business Administration
Ben Blair, Fr., Business Administration
Jordan Halfinds, Sr, Sport Business
Andrew Butler, Fr., Business Administration
Justin Jordan, Jr., Business Administration
D'andrew Lewis, Jr., Communication & Media Studies

Chris Duncan, Jr., Accounting
Chase Bibler, Fr., Sociology
Kohlton Sherman, So., Management
James Reed, Sr., Individualized
Henry Hebda, Jr., Health Care Leadership
Trey Psota, So., Finance
David Hebda, So., Health Care Leadership
Akil Mitchell, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Aaron Byrd, Fr., Biomedical Engineering
Benjamin Niesner, Jr., Individualized
Jaxon Peifer, So., Nursing
Dimitrios Latsonas, Sr., Physical Education Teaching / Secondary Education
Elias Earley, Sr., Individualized
Drew Gedrys, Jr., Marketing
Doug Haugh, So., Exercise Science
Jacob Marinelli, Fr., Finance
Michael Scarsella, So., Mechanical Engineering
Alex Kluck, Jr., Finance/Accounting
Cade Bishop, So., Actuarial Science
Jackson Laird, Fr., Economics
Daniel Files, Fr., Sport Management
Stone Dixon, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Joey Poloskey, Jr., Management
Brendan O'Doherty, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Jimmy Seewald, Jr., Finance
Carter Puckett, So., Finance
Gavin Twigg, Jr., Accounting/Finance
David Drs, Fr., Mechanical Engineering
Kyle Cartales, Sr., Chemistry/Biology
Benjamin Nimz, Fr., Finance
J.D. Koehler, Sr., Exercise Science/Biology
Jimmy Zajac, Jr., Finance
Evan Annis, Fr., Biomedical Engineering
Cody Boxrucker, Sr., Finance
Drew Parrish, Fr., Electrical Engineering
Colton Kraus, Fr., Finance
Nick Turner, Sr., Masters of Business Administration
Matthew Messler, Sr., Masters of Business Administration
Jack Jarnigan, Sr., Sports Administration
Corey Shannon, So., Sport Management
Nate Salomon, Sr., Masters of Business Administration

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